一切完美 Perfect Cut

18 07 2008

Has been enjoying the serial drama Perfect Cut featuring in Channel U, 10pm…

Story based on plastic surgery, beauty… The casts are Thomas Ong, acting as a plastic surgeon, Alex; Zheng Wanling, acting as Thomas’s sister and a mortician, Emily; Michelle Chia as a psychologist, Kelly..

Every night there is a new topic and new people into the drama…  very intriguing story..  where Alex is a perfectionist, only bother to do his surgery well… and believes in “There is no ugly person in this world, only poor person”. Coz he can perfected those ugly pple as long as they have $$ with breast implant, botox, cosmetic surgery like nose fix, cheek refinement, liposuction… etc… Alex is not in good terms with her sister Emily and could not fanthom her job as Mortician…

Perfect Cut

Perfect Cut

Tonight… was an interesting episode.. It is already in its 8th episode.. This episode shows a customer Anne went to Alex for breast implant with her good friend, claiming that her bf loves big-breast woman… but since she is younger than 21yrs old, she is needs her parents/guardian’s approval before the surgery can be done. Anne brought her bf to pretend to be her fiance.. and the breast implant was done the next day…

But later (next 2 days) , Alex received lots of calls from reporters that Anne has commit suicide. Her friend has said to her mum, Yvonne, that Anne has commit suicide coz of the unsuccessful breast implant. So Yvonne decided to sue Alex. But the truth was not the case….

It appears that Anne is a lonely gal.. she had a blog stating “No one loves me”.. Her mum is always busy working.. she celebrated her bd alone.. while her mum is busy in work.. having meeting.. Anne burst her mum’s Credit card, showing her ‘victory items’… but deep in heart, she wrote “why mum is not scolding me..?? Is it coz she is too busy to even scold me?” A very lonely girl…

Till one day, she knew a good friend, XX (I didn’t recall her name, lets name her XX), so finally she is no longer lonely as she got company.. (BTW XX is a big-bust girl..)  Then later Anne also found a bf, YY (lets name him YY). So Anne felt she is the most happy girl in the world coz she has a loved one YY and her good friend, XX. YY loves big-bust woman, so to make sure YY continues to love her, Anne is willing to change and go for breast implant….

Just after Anne has had her breast implant, she decided to give her bf YY a surprise by visiting her.. But what she didn’t expected her was her best friend XX and beloved bf YY in bed together!!!!!!!! She was devastated.. so eventually she called her mum, but her mum said, “honey, I am in a meeting, can we talk later…??” Just when she needed support, love… all the people she loved and trusted either betrayed her or has no time for her… so she felt discouraged and felt no one loves her.. thus she decided to end her life by jumping off from building.

Kelly has helped to solve the root cause of Anne’s suicide reasons… And eventually Emily drawn up the badly ruined face of Anne so that she can leave beautifully… And this greatly relieved the pain for her mum, Yvonne. And Alex realized how great his sister Emily’s job as Mortician.. They had a nice long talk, and realized both of them are in their current job coz of their mum… And both also solved their internal problem and come to greater understanding….

节目名称: 一切完美
Title: Perfect Cut
演员 / 主持人
Cast / Host

Thomas Ong 王沺裁 , Michelle Chia 谢韵仪 , Zheng Wanling 郑琬龄 , Julian Hee 许立桦
Show Time & Date
7月9日起,每逢周一至五 晚上10时
From 9 July, every Mon to Fri 10pm
No. of Episodes




本故事围绕着整容医生Alex Tan(王沺裁饰)和心理医生Kelly Lim(谢韵仪饰)之间对人的内在美和外在美的看法和冲突……究竟包装在现今社会,对人们有多重要呢? 人们总是通过肉眼来看表面的美丑,左右自己对别人的第一次印象。剧中通过许多不同的个案,一一探讨人们在修复了外在的样貌后,是否就能得到自己想要得到的呢?

Alex Tan是著名的外科整容医生,对完美总是有着苛求的他,相信这个世上“没有丑人,只有穷人”。而身为心理医生的Kelly Lim则非常不屑,甚至鄙视Alex这个论调。两人因此常为了各个不同的病人个案争辩不休。





Alex的大姐Emily(郑琬龄饰)是一名尸体化妆师,在感情生活中一波三折。男人们是否能接受尸体化妆师当老婆呢?人们又是怎么看待 Emily这份不一样的工作呢?甚至身为Emily弟弟的Alex,对Emily的工作又是什么样的看法呢……



Perfect Cut is Channel U’s first local drama telecast at its10pm weeknight blockbuster timebelt.

With a story based on plastic surgery, you can expect a unique perspective of cosmetic surgery in this unorthodoxed drama serial as well as a rare insight to the lives of surgeons, morticians and many others in the world of artificial beauty.In this 13-episode drama series, the stories revolve around beauty, both inside and outside. Alex Tan (Thomas Ong) a plastic surgeon and psychologist Kelly Lim (Michelle Chia) find it hard to come to terms with each other’s definition of beauty. 

A plastic surgeon, perfectionist and skeptic when it comes to love, Alex never believed in eternity, until he met Kelly. He strongly believes “there is no ugly person in this world, only poor people” (“没有丑人,只有穷人”). When his daughter and ex girlfriend return unexpectedly, the relationship with Kelly is strained with obstacles. One day his loses his sight temporarily, that is when he finally braves himself to go after his true love… 

The kind and caring psychologist Kelly, is not exactly what she seem to be. She has long been secretly admiring Alex since their university days, however due to misunderstandings, the relationship never worked out. When Kelly’s mother decided to remarry, Kelly was distraught but with Alex’s constant encouragement they both become closer. When Kelly found out that Alex is taking a step back in their relationship in order for his brother to woo her, she is furious and dates Bobby Low (Alex’s friend and rival in cosmetic surgery) instead to spite him. Little did she know that actually she is being used… 

Just how far are people willing to go in order to look and feel beautiful? Find out from Perfect Cut, premiering 9 Jul, weeknights at 10pm!





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12 03 2009

Lina Ng is great… Perfect Cut II rocks!!

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