Durian Solo

23 07 2008
Bugis have food fair… walked past the booths yesterday after my Japanese classes… Lots of yummy foodie…. too many temptation… (I am getting sick! sore throat!!) Eventually we decided to just indulge in this “Durian Solo” by Wan Hua Desserts Pte Ltd. As stated on the booth, it is handmade, suitable for vegetarian, no preservative, and to be consumed within 6hrs..
So what is Durian Solo?? (sounds like Bengawan Solo… =p ) Well Durian Solo is Fried Durian.. Costs S$2/piece. *GOSH* … Durian already very heaty (bu zua)!! Fried somemore… ‘lagi bu zua’ (more heaty!) Yes… we decided to give this Durian Solo = fried durian = double*heaty a try…. throat complaining already!!
Durian Solo

Durian Solo

Well concept is like papa beard.. with something flowing inside.. Supposedly cold inside and hot outside.. So I guess they freezed the durian first and then fried the durian…. but the product is not really as good as I expected. More can be improved…
I felt that the durian is not enough … not oozing out… Hahaa… more durian will be good…  A bigger piece will be better too… Plus the piece that we ate is not hot, fried stuffs if cold, it tastes like flour and tastes oily!! (ok fried stuff is oily.. but u know, when they are oozing hot, it tastes good.. pple intend to ‘dun care’ if it is oily…) haha I know .. this is excuses/crap! =p Oh welll…..  And coz it is not hot, so the contrast of hot outside and cold inside is not a lot..
Hope more improvements can be done..




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