Jo in USA

25 07 2008

Jo should be in USA by today….

Initially have planned to go to USA, San Francisco, in early Aug after my exams.. to attend the wedding of my cousin, Widodo, and his fiance, Fany. And later, with Jo, go to Grand Canyon, LA, Yosemite, Anaheim (Disneyland) and finally follow Jo to Oregon.. But have to abandon the plan when $$ is not enough…

Jo still go ahead with the plan.. road trip with her colleague (who will be going with her) and finally to Oregon to visit her friends/colleagues.. Hopefully she will be able to go for the hot air ballon, disneyland, Grand Canyon… Happy her!! =)

But….. juskawaime is still in Singapore …. *sobz*…. preparing for exams…. lagi *sobs* >.<“”

But well… anyway… i have suggested to her to bring a teddy bear.. and take photos of those places with the teddy bear… hahaa so it is as if I am the teddy bear… going for those places… accompanying her too… heheee

Ok this will do for now…

Next time i will show ‘my’ photo trip to USA when Jo came back.




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