8 08 2008

What a great number and date…

Many things to happen on this day…

Wannaa blog with this date.. but alas.. come too late home.. so did some tweaking.. to enable me to post entries on this date.. dun want to miss this 08.08.2008 marking…

Let me see what happened on this century 08.08.2008 (8th August 2008):

  • Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening ceremony
  • Toto S$8million Draw
  • Cherie’s Hearts National Day Celebration 2008
  • Cherie’s Hearts Fun Fair (Food sales and Henna Art)
  • Meeting up with secondary classmates
  • Most importantly juskawaime has finished her Mass Comm (PR) exam and Japanese Semester test
  • Oh did I say we have durian feast just after my jap test on thursday 07.08.08?


Have seen the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening ceremony in Channel U when I was back midnight… from midnight to 4am? Quite impressive performances, i have seen on the tv, put up by China people. I would put this way…. Olympic is a good way to show the world… the China’s rich history, and China’s ability to do wonders and compete and function and catching up very very fast with modern technology… showing the world that China is not an outdated country….What others can do, China can do.. and do even better… But I think for the performances.. it is really ‘duo1 ren2 hao3 ban4 shi4′(direct translation is: with many people.. can do things better)

I really like the torch relay part… Impressive!!



Here is more of the Olympic:


If you didn’t get to watch the whole spectacular opening ceremony, fret not. My China colleague shared with me this link where you can download the whole clip of the Beijing Olympic 2008 Opening Ceremony at the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) — Very clear image (I was told) .. But bear in mind that huge size needed – abt 5.2G So of course u need to have good and fast internet connection for successful download =)

To be updated again…

Olympics: Curtain up on Beijing’s Games

The three and a half hour opening ceremony was directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Zhang Yimou.

BEIJING – THE 29th Olympic Games, costing an estimated US$40 billion (S$56 billion) and shrouded by political controversies, burst into life on Friday with a spectacular start to the opening ceremony.

President Hu Jintao was due to officially declare the Games open at the ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium at 11.04 pm in front of 90,000 spectators and a worldwide television audience of up to four billion.

The three and a half hour opening ceremony, directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Zhang Yimou, would see around 5,000 competitors from 204 nations parade in a lavish event due also to be lit up by 35,000 fireworks.

In a country where eight is a lucky number, China’s national flag was to be carried into the stadium at eight minutes past eight on the eighth day of the eighth month of 2008.

Organisers are desperate for good fortune after seeing their event, planned as the crowning acheivement of the country’s breathless economic transformation, often overshadowed by disputes over human rights, press freedom and unease in the West over Chinese foreign policy.

Many heads of state were attending the opening ceremony.

They included US President George W. Bush and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak.

Before arriving in Beijing, Mr Bush repeatedly highlighted during a speech in Thailand Washington’s ‘deep concerns’ over religious freedom and human rights in China.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, a fluent Mandarin speaker, also pledged to raise China’s human rights record with the Chinese leadership while Sarkozy sent China a list of prisoners and rights activists whose cases were a matter of concern for the European Union.

More than 100,000 security personnel have been called in to police the Games, amid fresh warnings of terror attacks from Islamic separatists while Beijing airport was also shut down just ahead of the start of the ceremony.

The streets were unusually quiet as many of the Chinese capital’s 17 million residents stayed at home after the city government declared a public holiday.

In a break from tradition, the teams were due to enter the stadium in the order based on the number of strokes of the names as written in Chinese characters.

The identity of the person due to perform the lighting of the cauldron remained a mystery.

China’s basketball star Yao Ming, who carried the Olympic torch through Beijing’s Tianamen Square on Wednesday, had been tipped for the honour. But tradition dictates that a person can only carry the torch once in the run-up to a Games.

Officials remained tight-lipped, saying only the flame-lighter had been selected for their ‘sporting achievement’ and ‘social influence’. — AFP


BEIJING – BEIJING Capital International Airport experienced its busiest day on the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games, the civil aviation authority said on Friday.

In total, 1,400 planes took off and landed Thursday at the newly expanded airport, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said in a statement posted on its website, with a peak of 87 in one hour.

‘This was the busiest moment in history for China’s civil aviation,’ Mr Yang Guoqing, deputy head of the CAAC, said.

Flights on Friday are however expected to be fewer, as all flights to and from Beijing have been banned for security reasons from 7pm to midnight during the Olympics opening ceremony. — AFP





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