PM’s dating tips

19 08 2008

PM’s dating tips

IN-BETWEEN discussing the economy and the impact of the Internet on politics worldwide, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also had some words of advice for singles seeking a partner.

  • Make time to go out and meet new friends  
  • Join a dating agency, be it the Government’s Social Development Unit/Social Development Service or a private agency.  
  • Have realistic expectations. You have to make an effort for the relationship to work.  


  • Bring your social graces up to scratch. For instance, do not wear slippers when taking your date out for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant.
    While it is easy to get carried away by romantic images in movies – where you meet someone of your dreams, instantly fall madly in love, get married, maybe have twins and live happily ever after – we are ordinary people in real life. ‘We may not have instant sparks the first time. But you take your time, discover the person for who he or she is, nurture the relationship, and then maybe love may blossom.’
  • Source:StraitsTime




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