Wii Fit Idiot – Part 2

24 08 2008

I brought Wii and Wii Fit to Jenny’s place for Wii, Wii-Fit and Mahjong gathering yesterday..

We had hilarious time playing and watching friends playing Wii .. especially the Rabbit Game..

I thought I have solved the Wii-Fit issue… See here

XF has especially came to my place to solve the Wii-Fit issue.. and it works…  It seemed that it was because the Wii has placed in the wrong direction..

But … But….

When I reached Jenny’s place …. the same problem/symtom has re-occurred!! Yes… Wii-Fit cannot work again!!!


I was really upset then…..

So we just have to be contented with playing with the Wii games like rabbit, cooking, wii-play…. etc

At about 3am, we decided to try to fix the Wii-Fit problem….. and hulalaaa… we solved it!!

As the wording, that is preventing us to play the Wii-Fit games further, is in Japanese, we do not really understand… we just know that we cannot play..  So last resort, Jenny tried to remove the Wii-control from the Wii-‘Natchut’ (the one that can be attached to the Wii main remote control)… and *WooHooo* it worked!!! =)

So the direction of the Wii-Fit board is not the main problem.. in order to play Wii-Fit, we cannot connect the Wii-control and the Wii-Natchut together.. So Remember this ok!! =)

We had wonderful time playing Wii-Fit from 3am to 5.30am!!! hahaaaa =)

And we all (even the group playing mahjong) have a try on the Wii-Fit Hula Hoops Game…  Created lots of laughters, esp how some of us shake our butts, shake our hips, shake our legs…  LOL

Aching from those activities, but wonderful weekend time spent with friends =D




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