Comex Show

25 08 2008

Comex Show is coming to town this weekend..

28th August – 31st August 2008

Suntec City Exhibition Centre – Entire Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6

Opening Hours : 12 noon to 9pm

Free Admission

I will probably go and check it out with friends… thinking of getting:

  1. external hard-disk about S$100 budget – perhaps can get 160GB or 250GB (slim) [My hard-disk memory is exploding!!]
  2. Maybe ipod Nano or Creative Stone/Zen (want to get something small, so i can use it to listen to radio or music when i go jogging…ok have not really gone jogging, but wanna motivate myself this way =p )
  3. Maybe camera CANON 960 ixus, if it is cheap.. (but I got a feeling i will not get this.. save $$.. but still can check it out.. maybe it will be as cheap as $200?!?! Then surely buy!! Woohooo *dream on* -_-“” )

So are u going to join in the crowds? =)



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