21 08 2008

Dun get me wrong..

I am not saying Wii or Wii-Fit is idiot. or idiot game…

In fact, I felt the Nitendo‘s Wii and Wii Fit are very engaging, entertaining and fun!! v(^_^)v

The idiot is moi, juskawaime

I am just idiotic in Wii games and Wii-Fit…. *mhuaahaaaa*

Had played Wii and Wiifit once in XF’s place in Jan 2008, during CNY…. when I had reunion dinner with her family.. Played Wii in Jennifer’s place, borrowed from HJ’s colleague then… so ok.. the exposure to this fantastic game is limited .. 2x…

Recently XF’s kitchen is undergoing renovation, and I just finished my exams… so I asked XF if I could borrow her Wii and Wii Fit!! ANd Yes, being a good friend, she agreed to lend me for a month!! *Woohooo*

Then I realized that the Wii control has batteries… and I took 2 days to realize that the reason that my Wii cannot work is coz the Wii controls’ batteries has worn out .. huaahaaa  initially I thought I spoil XF’s Wii!! Panic …  then try again and again… after 2 days, I realized that could be the batteries are weakening.. that cause the Wii cannot synchronized. [I ruled it out initially coz XF said the batteries should last long… but i guess it has been used for sometime already!! hahaa]

So i start playing some of the games… but due to ‘idiotic’ or slow me.. I only get around to play a bit of game…. but my main purpose is to use Wii Fit and start exercising… but alas.. I encountered m 2nd barrier! My Wii Fit cannot work!!!!!!!

At first, I thought it is coz I didn’t pass my health test with flying colours … that is why I could not continue the Wii Fit games.. i was actually looking forward to the hulla hoops. jogging, yoga, … but I just got stopped or blocked… *sigh* So diligently every nite (the last few nites), I try to do the health tests.. hopefully to pass it with flying colours so I can play other Wii-fit Games.. I have successfully tried last night, but alas, I still cannot play other games… so desperately I asked owner XF to come by my house today, desperately wanting to fix this as I am bringing the Wii and Wii-fit to Jenny’s place on Sat for gathering…. 

and guess what is the problem…??

I have placed the Wii-Fit platform/board in the wrong direction!! Huaahaa =p -_-”

I never seen the Wii wording on the Wii-Fit board… I always placed the power indicator in front of me.. by right it should be behind!! Gosh!! No wonder it is difficult to pass the health test!! Coz with the Wii Fit board placed wrongly, so the Left has become Right and Right has become Left… no wonder the Left/Right balancing test is a bit confusing and challenging for me!! hahaaa -__-“”

You know… I have never … NEVER… suspect that the direction/placement of the Wii-fit board could be the root cause of my problem.. coz firstly, the Wii console is able to detect my Wii-fit board, and it able to weigh me, calculate my BMI and state that I am over-weight!! haaahaaa so how do I know that I cannot play the games coz the front and back are placed wrongly…?? My japanese level is also not that high!!! =p

Oh well… laugh about my mistake.. XF also could not believe it … She believed that this joke will be a joke cracked upon me everytime I visit their house… I will be laughed by her, her mum and her sis!! =p huaahaaa… cannot blame that..

Coz even I laughed at myself.. laughed at my idiotic… laughed at my foolishness…


But I will improve my agile-ness and activeness…

Orhh btw, the jcgirls are going to Jenny’s place this weekend to have Wii, Wii-Fit and Mahjong gathering..  this time, I will know how to place the Wii-fit board correctly! *wink*

Signing off,

Juskawaime, the Wii-Fit Idiot

More Childcare centres

21 08 2008

200 more childcare centres

COMING to a HDB estate near you: a childcare centre.

It will become far easier for parents to find one for their kids, as 200 new childcare centres will be built in the next five years.

This ramps up the existing number by one third to nearly 1,000, with a total of 83,380 places.

At the same time, the quality will also go up, with the adoption of an integrated curriculum structure and better-trained teachers, said Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports.

These measures will make it easier for mothers to go to work.

But they may mean that fees will go up too.

Asked about this possibilty, Dr Balakrishnan said: ‘We expect that salaries will have to go up. I think the cost of the childcare centres will also increase.

‘If you want better services, you want more convenient services, there will be inevitably some increase in cost, which the operators will also have to cope with. Let’s be practical about it.’

At the same time, he stressed, the Government is giving significant increases in subsidies to offset the fees.

‘So I don’t think you should be worried that affordability is going to go down.’

From next year, childcare centre subsidies for working mothers will double from $150 per child per month to $300.

Infant care subsidies will go up from $400 to $600.

MCYS said the average monthly fee for full-day care is now $1,165, nearly 10 per cent more than the $1,063 four years ago.

The fees are higher than those at full-day childcare centres, which charge an average of $672 a month now, up from $588 in 2004.


More NTUC childcare centres

By Tessa Wong

NTUC Childcare on Wednesday said that it plans to double the number its centres over the next three years.

Its announcement comes on the heel of the Government’s decision to raise childcare subsidies for working mothers and to encourage parenthood.

NTUC is currently the largest operator of childcare facilities in Singapore, with 39 centres catering to over 3,700 children and 69 infants.

Chief executive Ms Adeline Sum said that NTUC Childcare plans to add up to 40 more centres in the next three years.

Five centres are already in the works, and will open in Woodlands, Sengkang, Jurong Point and Hougang within the next six months.


Foto upload is back!

20 08 2008

WordPress is working fine now.. I can upload my pictures now.. *WeeEEeeee*

So I have updated some of my old posts.. pls re-read the entry posts if u want =)

One of them is this dinner-with-the-girls-on-080808

dinner with girls at PS Cafe

dinner with girls at PS Cafe

Read it here =)

Happy 20082008!

20 08 2008
This is another once-in-a-lifetime date: 20082008

Many nice date this year

080808, 08082008 and now 20082008!! =)

I am sure many chinese will like… coz it is *HUAAATT* Ah!!


And who says everything needs to increase its price nowadays??

At least my fav durian ice-cream still remains at S$1/-


My treat for myself… no reason…


U dun need a reason to treat urself well, rite? =p =)

Happy 20082008!! *Muack*

Public Holiday for Singapore in Year 2008

20 08 2008

Coming towards the end of the year 2008, we will be having only 4 more public holidays – Coming up is Hari Raya Puasa, then Deepavali, then Hari Raya Haji (Pasar Malam in Geylang Serai *WooHooo*) and finally Christmas… and then there is year-end!! *FAST* Next will be New Year and Chinese New Year in January 2009 … cycle repeats…


The actual Deepavali date for 2008 will fall on 27 October 2008 (Monday) instead of 28 October 2008 (Tuesday).

New Year’s Day
1 January 2008 

Chinese New Year
7 February 2008
8 February 2008


Good Friday
21 March 2008


Labour Day
1 May 2008


Vesak Day
19 May 2008


  National Day
9 August 2008 

Hari Raya Puasa
1 October 2008



27 October 2008


Hari Raya Haji
8 December 2008


Christmas Day
25 December 2008


In a earlier press statement on public holidays for 2008, the Ministry of Manpower announced that Deepavali would fall on 28 October 2008 (Tuesday). However, the date needed to be checked against the Indian Almanacs when they became available.

The actual Deepavali date for 2008 is now known. It will fall on 27 October 2008 (Monday) instead of 28 October 2008 (Tuesday).


See also Public Holiday for Singapore in Year 2009

PM’s National Day Rally Speech 2008

19 08 2008

National Day Rally

The rising cost of living was highlighted as the hottest issue for Singaporeans by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech on August 17.

He said the government will provide help for Singaporeans from all income groups. This includes an increase in the second payout of this year’s Growth Dividends by 50% as well as a 50% increase in this year’s U-Save rebates.

Mr Lee also spoke about the need to create a more gracious society, pro-baby measures as well as easing rules on political activities and outdoor public demonstrations.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally
English Text and Video
Malay Text (In English) Watch Video
Mandarin Text (In English) Part 1: Watch Video
Part 2: Watch Video
Part 3: Watch Video




Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally
Part 1: Our Economy – helping to cope with rising costs Text Watch Video
Part 2: Our Society – making Singapore a gracious society Text Watch Video
Part 3: Our People – helping singles get married Text Watch Video
Part 4: Our People – pro-baby measures to boost birthrate Text Watch Video
Part 5: Our Future – preparing our society for new media Text Watch Video
Part 6: Our Future – easing rules on political activities, public demos Text Watch Video
Part 7: Conclusion Text Watch Video


PM’s dating tips

19 08 2008

PM’s dating tips

IN-BETWEEN discussing the economy and the impact of the Internet on politics worldwide, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also had some words of advice for singles seeking a partner.

  • Make time to go out and meet new friends  
  • Join a dating agency, be it the Government’s Social Development Unit/Social Development Service or a private agency.  
  • Have realistic expectations. You have to make an effort for the relationship to work.  


  • Bring your social graces up to scratch. For instance, do not wear slippers when taking your date out for a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant.
    While it is easy to get carried away by romantic images in movies – where you meet someone of your dreams, instantly fall madly in love, get married, maybe have twins and live happily ever after – we are ordinary people in real life. ‘We may not have instant sparks the first time. But you take your time, discover the person for who he or she is, nurture the relationship, and then maybe love may blossom.’
  • Source:StraitsTime