Shacked… from exercising..

1 09 2008

Have make a promise to myself that after finished Mass Comm course, i will continue my Japanese intermediate course (we are now in Semester 3) and to equip myself better for JLPT3 on 7th Dec 2008, I also took another “JLPT3 preparation” course… So that consolidates to 4 hrs of class every week.. 2x a week…. every Tuesday and Thursday….at JCS

And the rest of the time…

I promised myself I will be more active in exercising….  to make myself more healthy…. and active.. and of course, that includes eating less out, eating less, spending less…

So what I have done so far:

18th Aug (Mon): walk and jog

23rd Aug (Sat): 1 hr badminton

24th Aug (Sun): Wii and Wii Fit

25th Aug (Mon): Swimming 800m

27th Aug (Wed): 2hrs Tennis

30th Aug (Sat): 2hrs badminton

31th Aug (Sun): Swimming 1000m

And hopefully I will perserve and continue to workhard for the next weeks/mths…

Pls dun say it is nothing..  for a person who only study, work, sit, eat, sleep for donkey years…  to start exercising is already a great start!! hahaa I remembered during walking and jogging… I almost died.. and playing 10mins of badminton felt like 1hrs of exercise… *SHACKED*

Beside my knees are already aching like mad…  Bought a knee guard in Indo then… and last Sat, also bought another Knee sleeve from Nike in Suntec.. while visiting Comex… Oh also bought a running arm wallet/phone case from Nike… thought I can place my hp there, while jogging… and at the same time, listening to music..

Initially wanted to buy a Creative ‘s Zen or Zen x-Fi or Zen Stone Plus together with a(n) arm/wrist strap so that I can use it when I go jogging… But decided that my hp will do the trick so I just need an arm/wrist strap.. (save money)