7 09 2008

I have always enjoyed listening to Yes933FM



I used to listen to Yes933FM when I was studying in sec, jc and uni…. My fav DJ then was Dasmond Koh..  I still listen to Yes933FM when i was studying for my Mass Comm and Japanese exams.. last and this year.. 

The DJs that I was exposed to all these years.. are of coz Dasmond Koh 许振荣 (I loves his voice and his companionship in my study back then.. but he had moved to hosting now and is doing very well too – best of luck to him!)Chew Chong Cheng(Zhou Chong Qing 周崇庆) (The funny witty DJ, who partook in lots of Mediacorp TV shows – like Star Search, even a judge in one of the show (forgotten name).. giving lots of surprise and fun to everyone with his innovative hairstyle every week), Mary Bukoh 巫许玛莉 (The Dj who loves travelling and even released a book), Cruz Teng (Ding Zhi Yong 丁志勇) (Another talented DJ that wrote the lyrics of song [路人甲]), Chen Liyi 陈丽仪 (the very talented DJ.. can speak Korean fluently), Lim Pei Fen 林佩芬 (She is pretty, slim and I love her variety show on Simple Life – 简单就是美) .. Recently also get to listen to Xie Jia Fa 谢家发 , Siau Jia Hui 萧嘉蕙, Chua Wei Ping 蔡伟彬 …

I also like to tune in to the radio during work sometimes.. It is like personal indulgement.. in ur own world.. I kind of like it.. And if the songs are not nice or I am not in the mood… I will also switched channels to Power 88.3FM, 100.3FM ..

Recently I really enjoyed listening to Chews Show – 周先生与周太太 .. The Chews Show is really funny and entertaining.. Zhou Chong Qing aka 周先生 is very witty and the partnership with 蔡伟彬 aka 周太太 is superb… They blend very well..

Imagine listening to the Chews Show on a crowded bus/mrt… and smiling , giggling (sometimes chuckled or laugh a loud) all the way … Other passengers may think I am crazy… *pai se*

Oh well… now I got one more reason to like Zhou Chong Qing…  coz .. his idol is same as me!! He loves Fann Wong too!! *YEAH* hahaaaa That is why I tell myself I have to blog abt this… =p He got good taste! *wink* =)

Recently Zhou Chong Qing also released a series of ghost stories in a [周公讲鬼]CD .. During his release conference day, Fann Wong also went to support him!! =) Yes…  I will support him even though I am scared of listening to his ghost story…









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