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15 09 2008

Watched movie Wall-E at The Cathay on Friday

With not much of dialogue, this movie is easily understood….

Very sweet, very simple, very blessed .. scenes esp with Wall-E and Eve

Wall-E Movie

Wall-E Movie


it is also very scary, very sad, very alarming.. I am referring to the message behind the movie …

Contradicting? Nope… just watch Wall-E. Catch one of its trailer here and here (extended one with scenes of Wall-E and Eve).

juskawaime + Wall-E

juskawaime + Wall-E

I was hooked to the voice of Wall-E… saying “Wall-E” and “Eva”… found a clip by bb0y2k who got hold of the interactive Wall-E and Eve robots, made by Thinkway Toys.. He shared in the vidoe how the robots respond to the sounds you make .. fully interactive.. =)

Each robot is priced at $38.95 and is fully interactive to you. It responds to sounds that you make. For example, loud noises scares Wall-E but Eve goes all defensive but shooting her lazer off. The cast member told me that they were flying off the shelfs and the demand was pretty high. Wonder how long it would last?

Eve features eye expressions, such as winking. Put them together, they interact with one another and also responds to you when you interact with them. Not bad huh? Well I thought it was adorable…makes me want to see the movie even more!


BTW, you know what Wall-E and Eve stands for?? It is Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth class (Wall-E) and Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator (Eve). Hmm… interesting…

Enjoyed M-O (Microbe Obliterator) part also.. as he is a cleaning bot designed to obsessively clean the halls and spacesports of the Axiom space cruiser. M-O’s world is really challenged when the dirt and rust encrusted Wall-E invades his pristine environment..

m-o and wall-e

m-o and wall-e

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