What to junk in your fridge

6 10 2008

As I stayed with housemates, we always have problem with some issues.. like the cleaning of common areas (solved this by engaging someone), having too many shampoos or bath foams at toilet, too many clothes hang for dry (you need to squeeze to find space to hang ur wet clothes), many detergents… and also … many junks in fridge…

We used to have 2-3 racks/packets of eggs in fridge as each one of us will buy one… we solved this by having a system.. One will buy and whoever eat any egg, will write a tick on the paper (on the fridge). If the tick amount to 10, then we will then pay for the eggs.

There are also lots of chillis, packet-drinks, margarines, fruits, jams…. etc… Most of the time, i will write my name on top of them so that i will remember which are mine.. But some stuffs, u can’t.. so sometimes u just forgotten abt them… and left them rotten in the fridge..

So our fridge is in need of cleaning up once again as it is getting packed …… (we had cleaning last year)

My housemate, Donny, send me something today:

What to junk in your fridge
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You can always tell when tomatoes have gone yucky or milk is well past its use-by date. But what about food in jars and tetrapaks or dairy produce?

Don’t think that some foods last forever just because you can’t see the rot.

Dr Charlotte Grayson Mathis, a specialist in internal medicine, shared these tips with WebMD (www.webmd.com). This is how long you should store the following:

Baby food: Unopened: one year; opened: two to three days in the fridge.

Butter: In the fridge: three months; You can store extra sticks in the freezer for up to a year.

Chilli sauce: Unopened: one year; opened: one month in the pantry, longer in the fridge.

Fresh eggs: Uncracked: two to five weeks in the fridge; cracked: use immediately.

Jams: Unopened: one year; opened: one year in the fridge. Best to store jam in the fridge, even before opening.

Juice: Unopened: one year; opened: one week in the fridge.

Ketchup: Unopened: one year; opened: one month in the pantry, longer in the fridge.

Mayonnaise: Unopened: two to three months; opened: two months in the fridge. Be sure to refrigerate after opening and never leave out of the fridge for more than two hours.

Mustard: Unopened: two years; opened: six to eight months in the pantry or the fridge.

Olives: Unopened: one year; opened: one to two months in the fridge.

Peanut butter: Unopened: six to nine months; opened: two to three months in the pantry, longer in the fridge.

Pickles: Unopened: one year; opened: one to two months in the fridge.

Salad dressing: Unopened: 10 to 12 months; opened: three months in the fridge.

Sour cream: Unopened: two weeks in the fridge; opened: two weeks in the fridge.

Tomato paste: Unopened: one year; opened: five days in the fridge.

Vegetable oil: Unopened: six months; opened: one to three months. For best results, store opened vegetable oil in the fridge.

This story was first published in Mind Your Body, The Straits Times, on Oct 2, 2008.




2 responses

8 10 2008

wow, that’s interesting…
gw juga punya makanan berabad2 di kulkas ni 😛

10 10 2008

Hahaa… so start throwing stuffs this weekend!! =p

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