Are you an Eagle living the life of a Chicken?

3 11 2008

Thanks to Sophia Zhou from Dalian China for sending this thought-provoking story, based upon “The Chicken and The Eagle Story” by Dr. Eldon Taylor

Eagle A baby eagle was once rescued by a farmer, who nurtured it to health and brought it up with his flock of chickens.  Years later, a visitor came to the farm and was incredulous to see this eagle amongst the chickens, wandering around scratching on the ground for seeds … even making noises like a chicken — “bwack bwack bwack!”

He was very sad to see such a magnificent creature acting this way, when he knew it was supposed to soar freely in the sky. Hoping that the eagle would discover its true nature, he convinced the farmer to take the eagle to the top of a large hill overlooking the valley below, and throw it towards the sky.

For the first few tries, the eagle was not able to fly.  It simply fell down and started scratching in the dirt again.  But the farmer did not give up.  Every day he would take the eagle back to the hills and every day the eagle would try again.  Eventually, at last, the eagle soared up into the sky and disappeared.

Reflection: There are many meanings within this story. First and foremost, don’t allow yourself to be bound by the standard conventions and expectations of your surroundings.  If you accept the life of a chicken, you’ll never be able to soar like an eagle.  Broaden your horizons and push your limits. 

Your reflection?




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