JCS Exam – Grammar

12 11 2008

I had my Jap JCS Intermediate (B class) Grammar test on yesterday..

Didn’t study much, thus foundation is not very strong..

Got confused with some of the ‘forms’ and the sentence structures…

There are also tooooo many ‘forms’ in Japanese Language, I am still not very well-versed in the potential form, passive form, causative form, causative passive form…

I scored very well last year, in Beginner class. I scored 100/100 for both Semester 1 and 2 Grammar tests. As for the final exam, in Semester 3, I scored 96/100..

This year, in Intermediate level, I didn’t score as well..  Either I am not as hardworking (as last year), or I am not as clever (as last year) or the intermediate content is really quite tough… (Talk abt tough, I think JLPT3 is really tough… *Sigh* another headache in future… ) This year, I scored 85/100 in Semester 1 and 90/100 in Semester 2. I just hope I can score at least 80/100 for my this Grammar test.

Next paper is Composition, next Tuesday..

Not sure what to prepare, will ponder abt it..


Thank you Lord for your wisdom and leading =)




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12 11 2008

hi there again… gd luck for ur compo paper ya~ i just had my listening and dictation today.. was pretty ok… praying for no silly mistakes.. =.= i tink i m missing my sensei already…sigh haa… wonder how to get in her class next year…will u be continuing to advance??

12 11 2008

Hi Sally, thanx for ur wishes =)
So u finished all exams already? Niceeee… can rest for 2 mths… hehee *holiday*

Hmm.. normally you will not know which teacher is teaching which class in the beginning when they release the class schedule, so just plan for the class time-table that you want. Who is your sensei? =) So u will take intermediate next year? =)

I will probably will continue to advance =)

13 11 2008

my sensei is hattori.. she is a new sensei in jcs this year.. very young and kawaii haha..most prob will take intermediate next year..eh is it we can register earlier than the public for the courses after gotten the results on 12th dec? because public is jan then register… sigh no way to know what day is sensei teaching next year ah…?so on 12th dec.. u going back jcs to see results too? i wonder how they display the results.. if by ranking.. so malu…. =P

14 11 2008

Ohh.. so ur class is on Sunday..
Not sure which is ur sensei…
most sensei are kawai I guess =)
Yes, u got privillige, u will sign up before public, if i remember correctly.
No need to queue like mad, like signing for beginner that time…
If I am in Sg, I wil go and check my result, if not, will wait for the letter.
Or maybe u can help me check too, by then =)
Display results, not by ranking i guess.
But there will state ur rank for that level. and those who pass/fail.

14 11 2008

nice to meet you juskawaime-san.
I am currently oso studying in JCS intermediate class….i happen to come across your blog through a random search on google.
which class are you in? my lessons are on sunday afternoons….and coincidentally, my sensei is the same as sAlLy, Hattori sensei.

Coming next week, there is still sakubun and listening exams for me……i think for me listening is gonna be tough….sensei went through a past year listening tape with us……it is really tough…i got none correct when we need to decipher if there is a ‘u’ or not and choose the correct word from the list :S…..

Anyway, ganbatte ne….

14 11 2008

All the best ya ke!!!

14 11 2008

eh..no.. my class wasn’t on sunday.. mine were weekdays.. mon n wed. haha ok i will see ur results for u.. but which class u in? and ur name? Geez. You got quite high marks last year leh.. looks like alot smart students coz u got rank 50 though ur marks quite high already! hope i can squeeze in top 50 too. actually how many total students there were huh for your last year ranking? hey by the way u know by 2010 jlpt change their system already? gonna have 5 levels from N1-5.

15 11 2008

Hi cqq, thanx for dropping by =)
Mine is weekday class…
Hoohoo so coincidence.. sama teacher..
mine is pretty Naoko sensei..

I also in intermediate level.. yeah sakubun and listening for me too!
Have not been studying these few days.. maybe i should really start preparing.. and not another last minutes ‘buddha’ preparation..

As for listening, I know what u meant.. that is my weak part as well.. I think more listening practice will be helpful… But I found it not so difficult since i took preparation course for JLPT3 – that listening qs are worse!!!! I always score like 2-4 correct out of 13 qs.. Disgusting… and a worry for my JLPT3 in Dec… *sigh*

Thank you, Ganbatte to you as well!! =)

15 11 2008

Jessica, Makasih!! =)
Arigato Gozaimasu!! =D

15 11 2008

Hi Sally, sorry mixed up ur classes… coz i forgot ur in beginner class… hehe
so u took intensive one… must be quite tough to handle … i one week once already … panting… Applause for you… =)

I wish you score flying colours.. and get into top 50 ranking! =)

I am not sure for the total no. of students though..

Yeah I have heard abt that by 2010 jlpt change their system already? gonna have 5 levels from N1-5. So not sure, by then maybe i have to retake JLPT3 again… hahaa *double sianz*

I will email you my name if needed. Thank you Sally =)

15 11 2008

hi hi….Naoko sensei? very pretty desu ka?? me is very interested to know which is her… got 写真? … havent been taught by her yet… last year i was in A16 taught by Nakamura sensei, but she went back to Japan this year. Hopefully, next year i can get to know more senseis of JCS.

me taking JLPT3 this coming december too……but i havent even start studying a single thing for that yet (-.-)”…barely 3 weeks left….心配ですね… was the JLPT prep course from JCS helpful? initially wanted to sign up for that prep course, but when the timing is out, i couldn’t make it for that timing =.=”

16 11 2008

Hi cqq, at least to me my sensei is kirei and kawai =)
very nice, sweet and patient too..

Me also quite worried.. for JLPT3 …
JLPT prep course is useful for listening.. (coz my listening sucks!! It still sucks now unfortunately..) but it all boils to own’s study

Lets Ganbatte together!! =D

16 11 2008

Hi all! Nice to meet some fellow schoolmates here. 🙂
I’m also from JCS, intermediate weekday class.
Now preparing for the coming papers this wk, just wondering…is there any compo exam in elementary course?

Minnasan ganbatte!

16 11 2008

Hi Katran, thanx for dropping by..
All the JCS school-mates gather together online… hahaa =)
Elementary course has no composition exam..

Ganbatte to you too! =D

17 11 2008

Haha minasan!

Watashi mo jcs no gakusei desu! sensei mo hattori desu! whahaah! but i feel she is not that gd ha.. mayb cos she is new.. ima shakubun shiken o benkyou shiteimasu.. shinpai desune! any1 can predict the compo title for B class?? Ha!!!

Anyway, there is a thread for jcs ppl in hardwarezone forum.. u all may wan to check it out! =D

17 11 2008

Hi Joy, welcome and thanx for dropping by.
My prediction for compo:
-watashi no chiisai toki
-ni hon

Thanx for the lead to hardwarezone forum, for those who are keen, the link is http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=1483896&pp=15
From what I see, the thread is from 2006 to 2008 .. has been opened for some time.. content-wise… errmm…. U can go & take a look.

Mina san Ganbatte desu ne

18 11 2008

helloz juskawaime… how ur compo? hope u did well ya…wow seems like alot hattori’s students haa… Joy,u from weekend afternoon class? ya Hattori’s new… her 1st year teaching japanese in english in singapore.. she was teaching in tokyo previously…maybe that’s why..

18 11 2008

wow juskawaime, ur prediction came true! hai i din prepare, i only prepared japan.. die.. wrote abt tomodachi, but i twisted it into japan ha… duno can pass anot le..

saily.. im from sun class.. oh how u knw she was teaching in jap last time? but think now she is ok alr.. or i got Used to her style alr hahaha

19 11 2008

hi juskawaime,
is this Naoko sensei who teaches you?
-link removed-

she invigilated my grammar paper. she have such a kawaii voice…

juskawaime: Hi ccq, yes. That is her. She is very nice, sweet and kawaii =)

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