JCS Exam – Composition

18 11 2008

I had my Jap JCS Intermediate (B class) Composition test on this evening, 7-8pm..

In class, we have practiced 3 compositions, (1) watashi, (2) Singapore, (3) Memorable places in Singapore… so I predict that the topic for composition test should be somewhat similar. Plus they cannot make it too difficult, otherwise nobody knows what to write!! My predicition topics for compo test/exam:
-watashi no chiisai toki
-ni hon

And yes, 2 of the topics i predicted came out. You can choose between “watashi no kazoku” (My family) or “watashi no tomodachi” (My friend(s)).. U need to write between 350-400 words, follow composition rules, and also include at least 5 new sentences structures that you learnt in intermediate B class.

It should not be too difficult for me.. even though I started studying last night only. But at least I already studied once for grammar last week. I contemplated to write in pen, then I felt that I should write in pencil. In this way, I can easily erase the words and make the composition neat.

I think I have included more than 10 or 15 new sentences structures. I wanted to end the composition nicely, so I add on something like “the time with my family are pleasant/enjoyable. I like my family very much.” And that resulted: I wrote more than 400 words! I never think that I will be penalized for writing more (the more the better right), but I think I remembered that my sensei did mentioned abt that. My classmates confirmed it. *sigh* nvm lar.. minus a few marks here and there.. perhaps with good flow of story, good sentence structures, new sentence structures, kanji, katagana, right application of composition rules… I should score well.

I wanted to give myself 49/50 (minus 1 mark for writing too much).. hahaa … =p egoistic me! =p but lets be humble and realistic, I think there will be other minor mistakes. My estimate is 45/50 based on my previous composition but my conservative marks will be 40/50 for composition. Lord, let me score high! =)

Tomorrow is an important day, as tomorrow in 1 hr, there will be 3 tests – Listening, Dictation and Kanji tests. Total marks 150. The highest mark percentage of all my 4 days of test/exam. hehe…

But they should be the easiest to score.

Now I am going to study for them…


Thank you Lord for your wisdom and leading =)




9 responses

18 11 2008

Haahaah…so accurate! Congrats. 🙂 Anyway, I think I did badly for my compo… I was in a daze…until I know how to go about it and it was only half an hour left.

I think I saw u though, u were putting the plastic door stopper in place right? So kind of you. I wanted to say hi but couldnt pluck up the courage.

18 11 2008

Just realized something after reading your blog, total marks for tml paper is 150, not 50 as i thought, blur as usual…

total = 350! @_@

18 11 2008

hi hi…… hey the topics you spotted came out!!…. both topics oso came out… i wrote about my kazoku…..writing all in hiragana….so as to make up enough words count….i wrote between 350 to 360 words scared that the more i write the more mistake i make….hahaha….

after this major paper finish…. more relaxed now….tmr will be 听天由命… and literally have to ‘听’ lor….. i must make sure i open my ears wide lor =.=”

19 11 2008

Hi Katran, oppps u caught me in my messy hair, ugly dressings … actually that is my usual sloppy dressing… =p haha but normally exams make one looks 10yrs older and looks 10x uglier… *horrified* haha!!!

U can recognize me then you should have called me =) Yeah, bingo, i was the one that put the stopper at door.. *grin*

Composition time went very fast… 1 hr gone like ‘click’ …

I didn’t realize JCS will give options for topics, but it was a nice treat.. =)

Ganbatte for tom lor.. yes 3 tests, each 50 marks, total 150 marks.

CQQ, Ganbatte desu ne! =D

19 11 2008

stop by to *look look* before i meet mr. zhou… im studying until i see *** already, kanji ga heta desu ne.

having exams is so unnerving! so its kinda consoling to talk to fellow comrades here ( thank you) … so if you dont mind u will see more of me seeking “therapy” here.. 😛


19 11 2008

oh yeah, if I see u tml, i will say hi this time. 😉

19 11 2008

Seek therapy?? hahaa What a way to say..
but welcome to drop by and see if there are interesting topics that intrigued you =)

Kanji should be ok, if u normally score well for ur kanji tests. If u know chinese, Kanji should be also easier..

Having exam is definitely torturing huh?! =p I dunno how I will survive for my JLPT3 *sigh* *sianz*

19 11 2008

oh ya….i’ve asked the lady at the counter about the registration for next year’s advanced class….she say it’s gonna be on the 18-19 dec….i thot i could go down on 12 dec to check results plus register for next year’s class…but she say cannot….haiz…..18-19 dec not in SG leh……JCS always have these fixed few days to register for classes….so inflexible…

19 11 2008

justkawaime: I just wish that the papers can be covered in one or two days instead. So draggy and now made me start to feel nervous about my JLPT 3. ( _ | _ )”

Actually i find JLPT easier, at least you can eliminate the unlikely answers.

where will you be taking the paper? Mine is at Bukit Timah this year.

cqq: yeah they are quite rigid one, plus also e “bochap” attitude ( they didnt even call to inform me of my placement test result last yr). haiz…

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