JCS Classmates

19 11 2008

The next exam to prepare will be JLPT3 on 7th Dec 2008

Which is …. 2 weeks from now!!!!!! *GOSH* No time no time liao… time is running out….

This year, the location is in Nanyang Girls’ High School. My JLPT3 is in the morning, 0930-1245hr. I think JLPT4 will be in afternoon. My Jap classmates and I intend to go and celebrate on that day itself…. We will be meeting for dinner, if no change of plan.

We had a mini catch-up after exam today in TCC, Chris’s treat! =) Got to know them in class, and they are really nice, friendly people. I am glad to be-friend with them =D They will be taking JLPT4 this year, Ganbatte minasan!!



People always say that studying alone and going class alone has no motivation. Yes, trully, it always nice to do things with friends. But what if people/friends have different plans and paths? Do we change our plan/path just because of them? Are we doing something we trully want or just doing something together with our friends, just so we have companions?

I am not against such idea, but I trully feel we should decide on what we want to do and go ahead, unless it is for family or loved ones. Normally you should not do something just for someone or should not dun do something just because no-one is accompanying you… Even though ur alone at first, but perhaps along the way, you will meet some friends, befriend new people and you will never be alone forever… but there are paths that you must decide and take alone, if needed…

So be courageous, go pursue ur dream, coz you are worth that much..




2 responses

19 11 2008

aye! aye! I hear you. Just like travellers on the road…

20 11 2008

I am so glad that I still go to to certain place and be whereever I should be even when no one accompanied me. But, those time are lonely time ke! But I am glad to reap what I sow 🙂
All the best for your JLPT3!!!

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