JCS Exams – Listening, Dictation & Kanji

19 11 2008

I had my Jap JCS Intermediate (B class) Listening, Dictation and Kanji tests on this evening, 7-8pm.. 3 tests in 1 hr.

First is listening. There are 4 parts in listening, 1st part – with pictures (choose correct pics), there was this weather thing (i dunno what is the correct answer), direction check (answer is 2 – I got it wrong! Check with sensei), about bread pic, which person is xx … Total 5 qs for this section. I think maybe i got 2 correct? 6/15. 2nd part and 3rd parts, I totally blurr .. catch no ball.. trying to concentrate to listen and think too hard, that I missed the consequent qs… very disgusting feeling.. 4th part of listening should be my strongest part. Coz it was played twice. Should be able to score 10/10. So total for listening, if I can pass and score 25/50, I think I am a happy person already! Listening – my killer… esp for JLPT3! *sigh*

But seriously JCS should improve their sound speakers and recording way… many noise in background, voice is soft … i was just distracted with many stuffs.. *unhappy*

For Dictation, I should score well. Just in case, some mistakes here and there, I hope I can at least score 45/50. If not, maybe 48/50.

For Kanji, I am aiming 50/50. Should be able to score full marks, unless some careless accident/mistakes. I thought Kanji needs to write all, I was in for pleasant treat where there are 2 sections in Kanji, (multiple choices and written). I think many welcome the multiple choice section.. hahaa

So now having a break, but not too long as the next exam to prepare will be JLPT3 on 7th Dec 2008


Thank you Lord for your wisdom and leading =)




8 responses

19 11 2008


did you sit far back? there were some drilling noises in the background, but amazingly it stopped at exactly 7 p.m. when the exam started! Sensei was quite amused by that.

yeah, listening was the toughest. so u mean for the bank question, answer is 2? *sad Do you know the rest of the picture answers? me also quite blur for section 2.

btw, the listening drills they gave u in the prep course is same as their exam or more like jlpt 3 format? im going to start intensive revision for jlpt 3 tml already ( a bit disheartened by the crappy compo that i wrote). maybe we can exchange pointers during revision?

20 11 2008

Yippeeee~~ finally all the JCS papers are over…. \\(^ ^)//
minna otsukaresama deshita….

talking about the JCS audio systems ==”…. i too think they seriously need an upgrading to their sound systems and recording systems…. section 1, 2 and 3 of the listening totally clueless……the story of Chin-san was ok……. dictation and kanji section mo ok desu……

i think passing is not a problem… i will go on with the advance class 😀

Juskawaime, will you be continuing in your current time slot for next year’s advance class?

Katran, you are also from weekday class? continuing in the same time slot?

I’ll most probably be taking sunday afternoons time slot again for advance class….hopefully got vaccancy for me la….

20 11 2008

cqq: yeah, im from weekday class. but not sure yet whether i can stay in the same time slot next year. will decide after the jlpt exams. 🙂

20 11 2008

Hi Katran,
listening drills in prep course is of course jlpt3 format.
Yes… there is not much time for JLPT3 studying … *sianz*
jikan ga arimasen … kowaii desune…
I am not sure if I can give any help, but i will try =)

20 11 2008

Hi cqq,
I will most prob take weekday class, tues? But I wanna follow my sensei..
a tune singing in my mind now… “I will followwww youuuuu…..” =) =p

21 11 2008

ahhhh..ic ic …
juskawaime, if you dun mind (and u uses msn) can add me?
the email i provided for the comments is my msn email.
onegaishimasu <>

23 11 2008

Hi all,
not sure if u have the “respectful” and “humble” expressions for the JLPT3 .. if no, pls write ur full home addressess, I will send to u..
No obligation.. just some notes, if u need..


25 11 2008

Hi cqq, i have sent out the notes for keigo (敬語)
U will received them within these few days.
Jia you! =D
I also need to start studying….. -_-“”

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