7 12 2008

Finally it is over..
There was some ‘warning’ abt not to release any info (though I am not sure what kind of info they are referring) .. but anyway… I almost forgotten all qs also..

I am just so glad that it is over and now I can start packing my bag and prepare for my biz trip. Meaning .. I can get on with my life… have been confining myself at home these weeks.. getting fatter… getting more anti-social (AS) … hahaa .. Now can trully enjoy my trip and the coming festive seasons.. *Yiiippiiee*

I just hope I managed to pass my paper. God hear my prayer.

Thank you




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8 12 2008

Hi there! Have a great holiday yah? I’m also going to relax a little and catch up on some movies that I have missed.

I find the vocab and grammar harder than last year. Anyway, i think the “information” referred was releasing exam qns on the internet to those who have not taken the paper yet due to different time zone.

Will you still be checking your results at JCS then? Btw, do you think they will return us the marked papers?

8 12 2008

probably not the most appropriate place to post this, but i’m also studying in jcs!
seems that there are many many jcs students reading your blog. haha.

btw, anyone tried jcs conversation course?

8 12 2008

Hi Katran, yup, going for a biz trip….
packing now..
I will not be around in Sg when JCS result is out, my classmate will check it out for me =)
Hope we all score well!! =D
Enjoy ur movies.. =)

BTW, JCS do not return us final exams paper

8 12 2008

Hi jn, welcome and do drop by again =)
How is ur JCS exam? Do let me know when u got ur results =)
Not many of us.. just few of us studying JCS .. happen to have same interest – NiHonGo! *wink*

I have only tried JLPT preparation course. Never try their conversation course.
Are u planning to sign up?

9 12 2008

is the jlpt prep course good? i didn’t sign up, but did self-study. but my friend took the prep course at ikoma so i managed to do some past year papers. the prep course in ikoma is very expensive, but she got a whole stack of notes and papers in return.

thought of signing up the conversation course, but i noticed that it’s only beginner and intermediate level. i’ll be going for advance 1 course next year, so probably the conversation course won’t be too useful?

i’m going for holiday, so i guess i’ll only see my results after i’m back.

10 12 2008

i received my score report today!
passed! i thought i’ll get full marks for kanji though…i thought i knew all.

btw, there’s an invitation to the graduation ceremony dinner party.
it’s on 17 dec…not sure if i should attend.

i mean, there’s buffet dinner. hahaha.

10 12 2008

hi Juskawaime
I got my results from JCS today too…
Passed!! As usual, my listening is the weakest of all sections….
I’m sure you did well for your JCS exams too…

I cant make it for the graduation ceremony, but i wanted to go ….. wanted to see my sensei in beautiful evening gown leh….

12 12 2008

Hi cqq and jn, CONGRATULATION!!
You two done well!! =D
I am still overseas, so have not check my results..
*I am excited* hahaa =p
My ex-classmates did ask me abt the graduation dinner party.. thought she made a mistake.. btw is dinner FOC? Do we need to let them know beforehand? Coz I am back to sg only on 15th..

btw Why we do not have graduation dinner in beginner class??

12 12 2008

need to RSVP by 15 Dec…
I went down to JCS today… they says this is first time intermediate classes are invited to witness the graduation ceremony….normally only CA and FA classes are invited.

12 12 2008

I received my results today and I passed. At first, I didn’t want to take the exam but now I’m glad I did ( sense of accomplishment seeing the score report). 🙂

Anyway, sadly, I wont be continuing the course there cos I intend to take JLPT 2 next year. It has been a fruitful journey at JCS though…

12 12 2008

Hey, actually I m a JCS student too… spoted this blog early this yr and i m actually a frequent reader of ur blog, i find ur blog quite interesting.

I got my results too, next yr going for advance class.

16 12 2008

Hi dolphin, thanx for dropping again.
I also read ur blog =)
Congratulation in passing ur exams.. I will be going for the advance class too! =D

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