China trip (ii)

11 12 2008

Xi An is not as cold as I thought or prepare it to be… So some of my thicker winter clothing are not really used…. perhaps I will use them when I am in Beijing this weekend..

Biz trip was quite packed and busy with meetings …  I still managed to squeeze in a trip to Tang Paradize, 大唐芙蓉园 yesterday night. Though some of our colleagues suggested we (my Sg colleague and I)  go during the day so we have more time to look around the Tang Paradize, we do not really have this luxury. We left office at abt 6.45pm and reached there abt 7.35pm. At that time, we then realized that the place closed abt 9pm!! 1hr++ to see the whole place.. is indeed a short time… but we were already all the way there, so we paid RM68 to enter. We only managed to see the Water Show and some buildings from outside.. it was cold…

We also had Steamboat dinner tonight with colleagues at a quite new and posh restaurant, 深海世界鲍鱼翅海鲜火锅 (at 西安科技二路店).. yummy… we had our own mini steamboats and u know what they had very coolz induction cookers, embedded in the table.. So it was like this…. We were amazed!! hahaa

Not our first steamboat here, we had Steamboat also last night after our Tang Paradize trip.. it was very shiok to eat steamboat in a cold place.. =)

Fotos to be updated later..




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