JCS results

16 12 2008

Gotten back my JCS results for yr 2008 (Japanese, Intermediate level)

Relook at my previous posts, I have estimated 290/350 for my result, which is about 82.86%

Seemed that it is quite accurate.. coz I got abt as well..

  • Grammar/Vocabulary 89/100
  • Listening 32/50
  • Dictation 45/50
  • Writing 48/50
  • Oral 50/50
  • Essay 37/50

Total: 301/350

Rank: 79th/394

Ok some plus and minus in the individual tests, but they all add up abt the same 80+++%  hehee =p =)

I wanted to get abt 90% like last year‘s JCS results in Beginner level… but I guess I just have to be satisfied with such results =)

Thank you Lord for your guidance *muack*




2 responses

19 12 2008

how do you know your rank?

i’m going c6 next year! i’m quite excited. hahaa.

23 12 2008

U will need to go the school level 3 where they placed all results.. from there, u can see ur ranking =)
c6? Weekend class.. great! =)
I wonder who my sensei will be … hopefully it is her..

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