Gong Xi Fa Cai

17 01 2009

Before travelling to Sydney, willl be having a series of pre-CNY gatherings with my different batches of gfs..

Yesterday, I had CNY dinner & Lau Yu Sheng with the girls at Mouth Restaurant, Chinatown Point level 2. We had ‘Western Knife Fried Fish’ instead of salmon for Yu Sheng. I think Salmon will be a better choice in future.. Food there was quite ok for some dishes.. We ordered abt 6-7 small dishes, total to be abt S$148.86 A very good number!! 148 meaning wealthness & prosperity thro’ eternity in Chinese … WAHhh… Goooood!! =D

Lau Yu Sheng @ Mouth Restaurant

Lau Yu Sheng @ Mouth Restaurant

After dinner, we went for our usual routine … that is  joining in the crowds in CNY Bazaar… Crowds r a bit lesser this time.. not sure if it is not CNY yet or if economic crisis has really make everyone spend lesser and stay at home..

Oh well, nevertheless.. I enjoyed the walk, feeling the CNY atmosphere and also having great time with my girls..

juskawaime loves night bazaar..  CNY night bazaar…..

Us @ CNY Night Bazaar

Us @ CNY Night Bazaar

Jo bought a Hello Kitty Pink blanket here for S$18, coz Jo said she is 18(岁)姑娘一朵花 (and bargain for S$18 ) when the seller said S$20/- hahaa Aihyoo.. bargain too fast for too little discount.. but anyway the blanket is good quality and I almost bought one for myself too..

Capture this from my company..

Xing Nian Kuai Lei, Zhao Cai Jing Bao

Xing Nian Kuai Lei, Zhao Cai Jing Bao


Gong Xi Fa Cai!! =D


15 01 2009

Starting my first class in Advanced Japanese Level today.. was looking forward to my classs!! =)

Was wondering who will be my teacher..

I was hoping my teacher will be Naoko sensei..

But no such luck.. my teacher is Mito Takako sensei..

Heard from Mel, she is good.. so crossing my fingers..

So far, first lesson so far so good…

sensei will not speak english in class for Advanced level, so had quite a ‘hard’ time understanding lesson…. haha

First lesson is normally introduction of sensei, self-introduction and revision of those forms.. haha basically, all lessons-learnt last year already give back to teacher… forgot most!! *Duh*

Will be missing 3 of her next lessons as I will be going to Australia.. And will be doing 1 make-up (hopefully got space) on tuesday next week. Hopefully, I will not missed too much info.. Anyway, my friends will be there to help me take notes.. =)

Btw, I have heard that my ex-teacher Tsukuma sensei has return to Japan, wishing her the best in Japan!

Sharing my self-introduction (in class):
わたしは(なまえ)ともうます。 みなさんは 「KK]と よんでください。

B2 から きました。わたしの先生は たかまつなおこ 先生です。

いま、ドイツの かいしゃいん です。

しゅみは りょこう や カラオケ や かいもの や たべもの です。

らいしゅ、わたしは オーストラリア ヘ 家族に あいに いきます。

しょらい、 お金があれば、 日本へ いきたいです。

よろしく おねがいします。

Here I come.. Advanced Japanese…. =)


7 01 2009

“Everything in life is temporary…

Darkness of the night or brightness of the day…

Even sunrise is temporary… And so is sunset…

If things are going good enjoy it… It won’t last forever…

And if things are going bad… Don’t worry coz it won’t last forever either…

Everything just passes by…”


Daniel C

10 days

6 01 2009

Been playing mahjong since 26th Dec 2008 till 4th Jan 2009

That is 10 days of mahjong!! hahaa

Some with my housemates, some with my jc girls…

Won only abt 3-4 times, i think… that means that I lose more times than I win… hehee =p

But still.. it was just for fun… the festive mood was in town… haha.. since I will not be in Singapore during CNY…. so now play as much as I can… hohoohooo

Everybody HUUUAATTT ahhh!!

my mahjong kaki

my mahjong kaki

Happy 牛 Year!!

2 01 2009

Yr 2008 has passed on very fast..
Hopefully year 2009 is a great year for everyone of us..
Me, especially, looking forward to the activities and plans for Yr 2009!! *WeeEEEeeee*

And Yes, Lord leads the path and the way for me, the God’s ordained way. So I will not be lost and fearful as You are with me. In everything, I will always give thanx! =)

I had a great New Year’s Eve gathering! As usual, I had spent New Year’s Eve with my JC girls at a gf’s house. This time, we had 13 turn-outs. Not all girls turned up.. but we are playing and eating their share.. =p

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We had many delicious foodie, plus logcake for post-Christmas celebration and also activities – mahjong, Wii, board games, magic trick and also watching ‘Little Nonya’!! Yes, Little Nonya drama series is indeed getting popular and a ‘must watch’ drama for most Singaporeans, even on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day!! =D

yummilicious foodies

yummilicious foodies

-DON Chicken Pies $36 (2*$18)
-Awfully Chocolate Logcake $58
-Ham $28
-AMK BBQ Express Chicken Wings $26 (20*$1.30)
-Herbal chicken wings
-Sakae Sushi Set $54
-Delifrance Mini Tart Canapes $37.50
-Garden Salad
-Christmas Bread cake $20+
-Green bean soup
-Acar acar
-papaya fruit

I thank you Lord for our time together and I always treasure and appreciate our time together. Thank you girls for your friendship, love and everything =)

JC girls including Jo

JC girls including Jo

Have a Happy 牛 Year!!

(Happy ‘new’ year = happy ‘niu’ year = happy ‘cow’ year!)