Happy 牛 Year!!

2 01 2009

Yr 2008 has passed on very fast..
Hopefully year 2009 is a great year for everyone of us..
Me, especially, looking forward to the activities and plans for Yr 2009!! *WeeEEEeeee*

And Yes, Lord leads the path and the way for me, the God’s ordained way. So I will not be lost and fearful as You are with me. In everything, I will always give thanx! =)

I had a great New Year’s Eve gathering! As usual, I had spent New Year’s Eve with my JC girls at a gf’s house. This time, we had 13 turn-outs. Not all girls turned up.. but we are playing and eating their share.. =p

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We had many delicious foodie, plus logcake for post-Christmas celebration and also activities – mahjong, Wii, board games, magic trick and also watching ‘Little Nonya’!! Yes, Little Nonya drama series is indeed getting popular and a ‘must watch’ drama for most Singaporeans, even on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day!! =D

yummilicious foodies

yummilicious foodies

-DON Chicken Pies $36 (2*$18)
-Awfully Chocolate Logcake $58
-Ham $28
-AMK BBQ Express Chicken Wings $26 (20*$1.30)
-Herbal chicken wings
-Sakae Sushi Set $54
-Delifrance Mini Tart Canapes $37.50
-Garden Salad
-Christmas Bread cake $20+
-Green bean soup
-Acar acar
-papaya fruit

I thank you Lord for our time together and I always treasure and appreciate our time together. Thank you girls for your friendship, love and everything =)

JC girls including Jo

JC girls including Jo

Have a Happy 牛 Year!!

(Happy ‘new’ year = happy ‘niu’ year = happy ‘cow’ year!)




One response

2 01 2009

Heppi niu year ke,
Gile makanannya banyak bener!!!

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