I am tempted

28 02 2009

juskawaime was tempted to tag friends to each profile characters in the photo below…. but in deep down, perhaps, I dun have so many different personalities of friends that fit all these characters…

Or I was afraid that I may get bashed or scorned by them for tagging them into those bewildered characters… hahaaa

Let me ponder more and scan through my facebook friends to identify who is who…

juskawaime may fall under these categories:

  • The one who always swears .. Yeah #$%^&*(*@#$%^ Oppps =p
  • The Grumphy one *Hmmpphhh*
  • The one with bad memory… yes.. STM (Short Term Memory or Selective-Term Memory)
  • The Drama Queen >.<
  • The Funny guy *Hoohhoooo*

How abt you??

Various personalities characters

Various personalities characters

Chasing Pavement

27 02 2009

Nothing in particular.. just thought wanna share this post when I read from his blog…

Should i give up, Or should i just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere, Or would it be a waste?
Even If i knew my place should i leave it there?

Should i give up,
Or should i just keep chasing pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere


JLPT3 result!

26 02 2009

Yo Yo …. I knew I will get my JLPT3 result this week.. based on experience of receiving my JLPT4 result last year around this time too.. last week of Feb

Prayed before opening the envelope sent by JCS and YES……..

juskawaime PAASSSSEEDDDD!!! WoooHHHoooooo

————– Results ————-

Writing.Vocabulary もじ。ごい 文字。語彙: 64/100

Listening ちょう かい 聴解: 83 / 100

Reading.Grammar とっかいぶんぽう 読解。文法: 155 / 200

Total: 302 / 400  (75.5%)


Overall a de-provement (opposite of improvement! is there such a word? =p) of result from last year, my JLPT4 results, where I scored 78% .. but who cares!! ;p

I passed my JLPT3!!! And that is all that matters… =) Yes, I am glad I am in the 77% of candidates that passed!

Coz I cannot bear the thought of re-taking my JLPT3.. *Arrrghhh* What I heard from the some of the candidates last year is the JLPT3 of 2008 was easier compared to past years papers! I felt it was not that difficult too.. Not very easy.. but at least it was not very tough!! Thanx God!! So most prob this year 2009 will be a difficult paper for JLPT3? One year easy, one year difficult???

Thank you Lord for your grace & mercy!

juskawaime is just very very happy!! WeeeEEEeeee!!

Hope those who took JLPT papers last year also have flying colours =)

Oh some statistic on the JLPT to share, extracted from JCS: 

One note that scare me is the no. of candidates who failed their JLPT1 and JLPT2… More than 50% failed! Gosh… I think I should just stop at JLPT3.. =p

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Organized by Japan Foundation
& Japan Educational Exchanges & Services (JEES)
Conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society in Singapore
The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.


The test is made up of three sections: Writing/Vocabulary, Hearing and Reading/Grammar.
Results of 2008 Japanese Language Proficiency Test




Source from JCS



Dancing with the Stars (8th Season)

26 02 2009

Dancing with the Stars Season 8 is back in March 2009..

And I am so looking foward to it!! esp with Julianne Hough pairing up with her bf Chuck Wicks… wow… *double treat* !! =D

The eighth season of Dancing with the Stars premieres in March, and this years cast has been revealed.

The list: Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, country singer Chuck Wicks, model/actor Gilles Marini, Denise Richards, mogul Steve Wozniak, 80s pop star Belinda Carlisle, rodeo star Ty Murray, singer Jewel, comedian David Alan Grier, rapper Lil Kim, Lawrence Taylor, Jackass star Steve-O, and Access Hollywood correspondent Nancy O’Dell.

Julianne Hough returns, dancing with her boyfriend Chuck Wicks.

Dancing With The Stars starts March 9 on ABC.



Found a blogger, Jenny, a dance lover, who wrote more on DWTS. Enjoyed reading the info provided in her blog =)

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25 02 2009

红星大奖2009入围名单 Star Awards 2009 Nominations

【小娘惹】称霸【红星大奖 2009】!

《红星大奖2009》入围名单公布! (in english)

It is the world of Little Nonya.. with 16 nominations, doniminating Best Supporting Actress with 5 out 6 nominations …. lets see if it will emerge as the biggest winner!

My choice:

小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

陈汉玮/不凡的爱 Chen Han Wei (By My Side)

欧萱/小娘惹 Jeanette Aw (The Little Nyonya)

姚玟隆/小娘惹 Yao Wen Long (The Little Nyonya)

黄慧/小娘惹 Ng Hui (The Little Nyonya)

戴阳天 Dai Yang Tian


郭亮/艺点心思 Guo Liang (CelebriTea Break)

李心钰/与心共舞 Belinda Lee (Come Dance With Me)

心晴大动员 Life Transformers

与心共舞 Come Dance With Me

才华横溢出新秀2007总决赛 Star Search 2007 (Finals)


Who and which are your choice?? =)

Star Awards will be held on 26 April 2009.


Make a date with Star Awards 2009, Sunday April 26, at 7pm on Channel 8. Post show party will be telecast on Channel U at 10pm.


Best Drama Serial
By My Side
Just In Singapore
Love Blossoms 1
Perfect Cut
The Golden Path
The Little Nyonya


Best Actor
Adrian Pang (Nanny Daddy)
Chen Han Wei (By My Side)
Huang Wen Yong (Just In Singapore)
Pierre Png (The Little Nyonya)
Qi Yu Wu (The Little Nyonya)
Tay Ping Hui (The Golden Path)


Best Actress
Chen Li Ping (Just in Singapore)
Chen Li Ping (The Golden Path)
Fann Wong (The Defining Moment)
Felicia Chin (The Golden Path)
Jeanette Aw (The Little Nyonya)
Joanne Peh (The Little Nyonya)


Best Supporting Actor
Chew Chor Meng (The Golden Path)
Dai Yang Tian (The Little Nyonya)
Darren Lim (The Little Nyonya)
Yao Wen Long (The Little Nyonya)
Zzen (The Little Nyonya)
Zhu Hou Ren (The Defining Moment)


Best Supporting Actress
Eelyn Kok (The Little Nyonya)
Li Yin Zhu (The Little Nyonya)
Lin Mei Jiao (The Little Nyonya)
Ng Hui (The Little Nyonya)
Xiang Yun (The Little Nyonya)
Pei Xuan (The Golden Path)


Best Newcomer
Andie Chen
Dai Yang Tian
Jerry Yeo
Koh Yah Hwee
Paige Chua
Zhang Zhen Huan



Best Variety Show Host
Christopher Lee (Life Transformers)
Quan Yi Fong (Life Transformers)
Kym Ng (Buzzing Cashier)
Lee Teng (On The Beat 3)
Marcus Chin (Golden Age Talentime 2008)
Guo Liang (CelebriTea Break)

郭亮/亮点人生 – 真情无障碍

Best Info-Ed Programme Host
Belinda Lee (Find Me A Singaporean 2)
Belinda Lee (Come Dance With Me)
Chua Lee Lian (Food Old Days)
Dasmond Koh (Tourism Insiders)
Guo Liang (Breaking Barriers)
Lin Pei Fen (So Simple II)


Smart省钱王 2

Best Variety Programme
Buzzing Cashier
CelebriTea Break
King of Thrift 2
Life Transformers
Star Chef 2
SuperBand 2

我们的大日子 2
星期二特写: 生死一线
星期二特写: SARS后的天空

Best Info-Ed Programme
Come Dance With Me
Food Hometown
My World My Blog
Of Rites & Rituals 2
TR- In the Face of Death
TR- 5 Years of SARS-free

非常Superband – 大决战

Best Variety Special
S-Pop Hurray! Music Gala
Star Awards – 25th Drama Anniversary Show
Star Search 2007 (Finals)
SuperBand 2 Grand Finals
The Anniversary Gala 2008
The Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show

如燕 /小娘惹 /Olivia Ong
屋檐 /一房半厅一水缸/亦迅







24 02 2009

Amazing stuffs u can see at Asian Civilization Museum (ACM).. Sharing a few below..

Amazing Painting

Amazing Painting

Filial Piety

Filial Piety

Writing Arabic Caligraphy

Writing Arabic Caligraphy

Asian Civilization Museum Visit

24 02 2009

My fren, Jo, has a goal for Yr 2009.. so she wrote this email invitation to us..

Hello all,
I’m planning a series of outings to visit different parts of Singapore in upcoming weeks. I hope these upcoming outings/ trips/ visits will help us to get to know more about Singapore, to enjoy Singapore and to explore places that we may never been before. This is my first trial, I hope to stay regular on this.

and so we are there in Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) for a visit (though not full force) on 15th Feb 2009.



On this day, we also attended the special programme held in ACM – Konnichiwa Sunday! Japanese Music, Crafts and Storytelling. Jo was very happy with the トトロ / Totoro (theme) songs played in the Special Programme – Konichiwa Sunday.. We enjoyed the plays by Ueno Koshuzan, Shakuhachi Master.


The master and his band

The master and his band



We also learnt how to play the Shakuhachi.. but I could not blow a tune.. Only Jo can!! Clever her!!


Playing Shakuhachi

Playing Shakuhachi



And there was also Origami! by JAS Origami Group, so juskawaime took the chance and took photos with them and a handsome boy…

Learning Origami
Learning Origami

Learning Origami
Learning Origami

Though ACM is not purely abt Singapore (it is abt the whole Asia – culture, history, religions), we did enjoy some of the video clips and the story behind certain practices, and was amazed at some knowledge sharing. A good 2hrs ++ spent! =)

Have you visited ACM before? It is just 5mins walk from Raffles Place MRT.

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Awaiting my JLPT3 result

23 02 2009

Looking from my last year post-entry on my JLPT4 result, taken in Dec 2007, I think I should get my JLPT3 result (taken Dec 2008) this week…

I wonder how will I score??


If I fail, hope I can take it…

Lets just hope for the best!

Kanpatte juskawaime!!

Public holiday for singapore in year 2009 (Updated!)

23 02 2009

Yes .. The Hindu Endowments Board has confirmed that Deepavali in 2009 will fall on 17 October.. So take note, that Deepavali is no longer on 15th Nov 2009 (as shown here), but on 17 October 2009!

The dates for the eleven specified public holidays for 2009 are as follows:

New Year’s Day 
1 January 2009
Chinese New Year         
26 January 2009
27 January 2009
Good Friday      
10 April 2009
Labour Day       
1 May 2009
Vesak Day
9 May 2009
National Day
9 August 2009
Hari Raya Puasa
20 September 2009
17 October 2009
Hari Raya Haji   
27 November 2009
Christmas Day  
25 December 2009
* The following Monday will be a public holiday


7 02 2009

juskawaime & family went to Cairns for short weekend holiday from 31st Jan 2009 to 2nd Feb 2009. We rented a car for 3 days, that can seat 7 of us. 2 are mum’s friend + son, while we have mum, dad, me, Yongkie and Andry. My 2nd bro, Hendra, and my 2 sis-in-laws were missing in action, unable to join us this time.

Coz of rainy days and Cyclone coming, we were unable to go out to the sea and experience the famous Great Barrier Reef. It was quite a pity. But nevertheless, despite the rain, we still continue our road trip and see what we can see, go where we can go etc etc..

Below are some essence scenary fotos of our trip =)

Thank you Lord for this holiday time

Kuranda Barron Falls

Kuranda Barron Falls

The Swimmin Lagoon

The Swimmin Lagoon

Babinda Boulders Gorge

Babinda Boulders Gorge

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Sunset view from airplane

Sunset view from airplane

Grocery shopping in Sydney

6 02 2009

In Sydney, my parents normally go to Flemmington Market almost once a week, if not once a forthnight. Over there, you can get very good deals of vegetables, fruits.. getting them in boxes or bundles… It is very good to go there if u have car and u have lots of pple to fed.. coz the buying of bulks will benefit big families and save $$… If not, buying there for urself is also cheaper, just that u dun save as much the big families.. coz u can save time by buying in nearby grocery shops or markets..

It is always fun to go there with my parents to shop. U get to try the fruits, bargain with owners, get good deals… Do drop by next time when you are in Sydney =)


mum & dad buying stuffs

mum & dad buying stuffs

And not to also forget to drop by the Fish Market in the City…. many fresh seafoods.. =) We  normally buy our seafoods in CLAUDIO’S shop.. Their logo is a red crab!

The big Salmon fish we bought in Fish Market

The big Salmon fish we bought in Fish Market

We bought 2 big crabs in Fish Market

We bought 2 big crabs in Fish Market

CNY 2009 dinner

5 02 2009

How do you celebrate your Chinese New Year (CNY) this year?

juskawaime was fortunate to be able to spend CNY with family. Yes, we bought lots of yummy foodies from Fish Market and Flemmington Market on Sat 24th Jan for the CNY dinner Eve on 25th Jan. Shall post pics taken there in seperate post..

But just take a look on the 2 big crabs we bought.. Mum also taught us how to kill and prepare the crab.. I even videotaped the process.. Will share with everyone next time..

mum posing with 2 crabs

mum posing with 2 crabs

We spent bomb esp on Fish  markets.. but yeah, we thank you Lord for this reunion together =) Thank you Lord for the $$ to buy all the ingredients and thank you Lord for my mum who prepared all these yummilicious foodie =)

CNY eve Reunion Dinner

CNY eve Reunion Dinner

This long dinning table of ours was full packed.. This year we have full force since Yr 2007. Yes, I have not seen my parents since my 3rd bro, Yongkie’s wedding in 3rd March 2007. My parents were very glad for such bonding time together =)
Reunion Eve dinner

Reunion Eve dinner

After dinner, we, even my mum and dad, played the Tennis Wii Game together.. Create lots of laughters, especially with mum & dad.. Dad was so ‘serious’ in playing that he occupied almost the whole space.. Get near him, you are in high danger and exposure of being hitten by him!! kekekee… =) Indeed we have a great time.. I always treasure, appreciate and look-forward to such family-bonding-get-together activities/events.. and God blesses us with abundance of such happy times together =)

Us playing Tennis Wii Game

Us playing Tennis Wii Game

I am sure most pple will have great time with ur family, friends and loved ones.. Hereby we 4 siblings wishing everyone lots of wealthiness, happiness,  good luck & good health!!

Oh btw, my 2nd bro, Hendra, is going to be a daddy in June. For now, his name is decided as Kayden Jay Santoso =)

Yongkie + Hendra + Andry + juskawaime

Yongkie + Hendra + Andry + juskawaime