Asian Civilization Museum Visit

24 02 2009

My fren, Jo, has a goal for Yr 2009.. so she wrote this email invitation to us..

Hello all,
I’m planning a series of outings to visit different parts of Singapore in upcoming weeks. I hope these upcoming outings/ trips/ visits will help us to get to know more about Singapore, to enjoy Singapore and to explore places that we may never been before. This is my first trial, I hope to stay regular on this.

and so we are there in Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) for a visit (though not full force) on 15th Feb 2009.


On this day, we also attended the special programme held in ACM – Konnichiwa Sunday! Japanese Music, Crafts and Storytelling. Jo was very happy with the トトロ / Totoro (theme) songs played in the Special Programme – Konichiwa Sunday.. We enjoyed the plays by Ueno Koshuzan, Shakuhachi Master.


The master and his band

The master and his band



We also learnt how to play the Shakuhachi.. but I could not blow a tune.. Only Jo can!! Clever her!!


Playing Shakuhachi

Playing Shakuhachi



And there was also Origami! by JAS Origami Group, so juskawaime took the chance and took photos with them and a handsome boy…

Learning Origami
Learning Origami

Learning Origami
Learning Origami

Though ACM is not purely abt Singapore (it is abt the whole Asia – culture, history, religions), we did enjoy some of the video clips and the story behind certain practices, and was amazed at some knowledge sharing. A good 2hrs ++ spent! =)

Have you visited ACM before? It is just 5mins walk from Raffles Place MRT.

15th Feb 2009, Sunday

Asian Civilizations Museum

1) Konnichiwa Sunday! Japanese Music, Crafts and Storytelling (2pm to 5pm)
2) Explore rest of the museum
Special Programme
Konnichiwa Sunday! Japanese Music, Crafts and Storytelling
15 Feb 2009
Sunday |  2.00pm – 5.00pm |  @ River Room, ACM Empress Place
Let the sounds, arts and traditions of Japan come alive at the Asian Civilisations Museum!
There will be a special one hour performance of the shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute), taiko (drum) and koto (stringed musical instrument) for you to enjoy soulful traditional music with your loved ones.


The little ones can keep their fingers busy with special craft activities. Listen to ancient Japanese folktales as they come alive in a storytelling session. Whether it is making a paper fan or decorative ornaments, expect tremendous family fun as you learn a thing or two about the Japanese culture!


2.00pm – 3.00pm Music Performance

四季の古謡 / Seasonal Songs

祭花 / Festive Flowers

Music from となりのトトロ (Tonari no Totoro)

散歩 / Taking a walk”

風の通る道 / The path of the breeze

トトロ / Totoro (theme)

北海民謡調(ソーラン節)/ Summer Festival in Hokkaido

*Special hands-on activity: Learn how to play the Shakuhachi

Performances by:

Ueno Koshuzan, Shakuhachi Master and Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange

Representatives from TENKO, JAS Koto Group and the Tozan Ryu Singapore Shakuhachi Ensemble

3.00pm – 3.30pm         Fabulous folktales with the Asian Storytelling Network

3.00pm – 5.00pm          Specially tailored children’s craft activities

3.30pm – 5.00pm             Have fun with Origami! by JAS Origami Group

Programme is free. Admission charges to galleries apply.




Me + handsome tomodachi

Me + handsome tomodachi




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