JLPT3 result!

26 02 2009

Yo Yo …. I knew I will get my JLPT3 result this week.. based on experience of receiving my JLPT4 result last year around this time too.. last week of Feb

Prayed before opening the envelope sent by JCS and YES……..

juskawaime PAASSSSEEDDDD!!! WoooHHHoooooo

————– Results ————-

Writing.Vocabulary もじ。ごい 文字。語彙: 64/100

Listening ちょう かい 聴解: 83 / 100

Reading.Grammar とっかいぶんぽう 読解。文法: 155 / 200

Total: 302 / 400  (75.5%)


Overall a de-provement (opposite of improvement! is there such a word? =p) of result from last year, my JLPT4 results, where I scored 78% .. but who cares!! ;p

I passed my JLPT3!!! And that is all that matters… =) Yes, I am glad I am in the 77% of candidates that passed!

Coz I cannot bear the thought of re-taking my JLPT3.. *Arrrghhh* What I heard from the some of the candidates last year is the JLPT3 of 2008 was easier compared to past years papers! I felt it was not that difficult too.. Not very easy.. but at least it was not very tough!! Thanx God!! So most prob this year 2009 will be a difficult paper for JLPT3? One year easy, one year difficult???

Thank you Lord for your grace & mercy!

juskawaime is just very very happy!! WeeeEEEeeee!!

Hope those who took JLPT papers last year also have flying colours =)

Oh some statistic on the JLPT to share, extracted from JCS: 

One note that scare me is the no. of candidates who failed their JLPT1 and JLPT2… More than 50% failed! Gosh… I think I should just stop at JLPT3.. =p

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Organized by Japan Foundation
& Japan Educational Exchanges & Services (JEES)
Conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society in Singapore
The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.


The test is made up of three sections: Writing/Vocabulary, Hearing and Reading/Grammar.
Results of 2008 Japanese Language Proficiency Test




Source from JCS






2 responses

22 04 2009

saw from JCS’ website that their JLPT 2 prep course is opening for registration. it will be for 24 weeks from 11 May all the way to 9 Nov. the lesson is every monday, 7:20-9:30pm.
u planning to take?

ps: i dropped u an email recently…

23 04 2009

Hi cqq, replied ur email already..
I dun think i will go for JLPT2 exam this year..

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