I am tempted

28 02 2009

juskawaime was tempted to tag friends to each profile characters in the photo below…. but in deep down, perhaps, I dun have so many different personalities of friends that fit all these characters…

Or I was afraid that I may get bashed or scorned by them for tagging them into those bewildered characters… hahaaa

Let me ponder more and scan through my facebook friends to identify who is who…

juskawaime may fall under these categories:

  • The one who always swears .. Yeah #$%^&*(*@#$%^ Oppps =p
  • The Grumphy one *Hmmpphhh*
  • The one with bad memory… yes.. STM (Short Term Memory or Selective-Term Memory)
  • The Drama Queen >.<
  • The Funny guy *Hoohhoooo*

How abt you??

Various personalities characters

Various personalities characters



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