Another tempt

1 03 2009

Another interesting foto articulating in Facebook..

Well.. juskawaime is never a musician or muscle person or artist …

Perhaps juskawaime falls under theese catergories:

  • Photographer… I am always snapping fotos using my phone cameras .. at friends, food, places, stuffs… yes.. anything.. anytime.. anywhere…
  • Sports person.. well I was school representative in Tennis and Track & Field.. Dun play play… =p
  • Violence person.. Yes I like to hit people .. huaahhaahaa and I pinch pple till blue-black..  -__-“”
  • Avid TV or drama addicter … I am glued to my TV, and it can go on for hrs & days.. >.<
  • Sleeping Pig… I love to sleep and I sleep within a song almost every night when I lie on my bed… and 7 alarm clocks cannot wake me up in morning!!! ZZZZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzzz
Various lifestyle characters

Various lifestyle characters



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