TVB Calender for Yr 2009

3 03 2009

Saw this from DJ Jiafa’s website, thought  it was pretty, so wanna share it here.. Enjoy!! =)

January – Linda Chung, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui

February – Susanna Kwan, Kiki Sheung, Louise Lee, Nancy Sit and Michelle Yim

March – Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Michael Miu

April – Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu and Joe Ma

May – Kenneth Ma, Yoyo Mung, Selena Li, Shirley Yeung and Chris Lai

June – Steven Ma, Anna Yau, Sharon Chan, Patrick Tang and Kenny Wong

July – Aimee Chan, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung and Natalie Tong

August – Nancy Wu, Koni Lui, Leanne Li, Fala Chan, Tracy Yip, Vivien Yeo, Yoyo Chen and Suki Tsui

September – Mandy Cho, Michael Tse, Adam Cheng, Christine Ng and Sheren Tang

October – Gallen Lo, Bernice Liu, Bobby Au and Maggie Siu

November – Bowie Lam, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi and Moses Chan

December – Amigo Chui, Matthew Ko, Jason Chan, Liza Wang, Benjamin Yuen, Edwin Siu and Stephen Huynh




4 responses

3 03 2009

yang bulan agustus keren tuh ke, tapi yang bulan december… hahaha…. rada2 gimana gituh 😛

4 03 2009

hahaa … I like Feb and Aug.. =)
All the chiooo ladies and all the ‘aunnttieesss’ v(^_^)v

7 03 2009

but august is like so, omg why are they all so skinny!?

december’s is kinda cool. i wonder if it’s photoshopped, or are all the guys standing on the dress?

9 03 2009

Hi jn,
I just like the synchronized legs pose + legs’ colour .. hehee v(^_^)v
For Dec, they should be standing on the dress… plus lots of wind.. hehe

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