Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul

21 03 2009

When I watched American Idol shows back then, I never know that Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are an item.. till I watched this yesterday… this clipz is kind of sweet =)

Though I wish them well, I was shocked shocked to digest this fact!  To me, both are just the 2 judges from American Idol… OMG 

American idol judges

American idol judges

Even when I saw this Simon and Paula affair clip, i thought it was just for show/laugh.. Ok juskawaime is a bit slowwww..

This video of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul was shown in the second season finale of American Idol. And yes, there was a recapped on this clip and their reaction was amusing..

Best wishes =)

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell




4 responses

20 04 2009

Why don’t Paula & Simon get married, it is obvious they really are in love.
My #1 choice for winner of ALL the American Idol and Britain’s got talent, etc, of all of them put together, #1 winner of ALL times is Susan Boyle!!

18 06 2009

I love Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul together, but if I believed in celebrity crushed, Cowell would be mine! (It is redicoulous, I know, but I can’t change that!)

22 12 2009

aww these two are in love the way they are with each other the way they look at eachother they should definatly get together 🙂 x

31 01 2010

i think they are just great 2gether, i luv simon so much and so paula, well i now know why simon used to be mean with ADAM LAMBERT, he was jalous !
luv them ! and i miss paula in 9th season of american idol

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