Happy Birthday Elaine

24 03 2009

Celebrating Dearie Senorita-E birthday twice this year.. once with Jo and me @ one day earlier before 17.03.2009 Another time with deep-sixed on 23.03.2009. She looks very pretty @ Mushroom Pot, OG Orchard..

Wishing her lots of happiness, blessings and wealth =)

Happy Birthday Elaine
Happy Birthday Elaine

Though we are very different in thinking, action, characters, belief, eating-habits, still… I just hope that you will be happy. I know I may said something that displease you now or in the past, but it was just that I am worried. I am a cynical. I am bad friend. I am ________.

No matter what happens or what are your decision/actions, I wish you the very best and be happy for you. =)
Happy sweet birthday, Elaine! *muack* =)



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