Hi Pinti

27 03 2009

Sometimes you create an impression onto someone even if you dun really know them well..

I am happy I did.

Be it notorious.. hahaaa

I bumped into a 2 yrs junior in Novena Square or is it Velocity last Sunday. Her bf opens a shop there, and yes.. as we are in that shop trying to get something for Senorita’s birthday.. I didn’t recognize her then.. frankly speaking I dun even remembered her then… *opppzz*  >.<

Yes, I prob some idiotic spastic cold heck-care senior who dun care or dun want to know or dun remember who are my juniors in Tennis.. I only remember some names and faces.. Orrhh perhaps I just had SSTM (Short Selective Term Memory) … Sorry Pinti… pls forgive me..

Anyway as we are asking Pinti abt the usage of the Yoga matts, I was about to walk away when she suddenly said my name!

Errr… *eyes big big, head sideway, blur look*

 “You know me?!”

She explained that I look familiar and happened that I was also wearing a Cedar T-shirt that day.. So she acknowledge that I am Wati!

hahaaa … such good memory.. she still remembered me!! *beams*

But then, she added, “I still remember what your thunder bolt thigh .. *didn’t really catch this part* … and I remembered you are very ‘er xing’ (gross)!!!”


double diaoozzz

I was remembered as the very ‘er xing’ tennis senior!! hahaaa it is so hilarious.. I dunno if I should feel sad or happy … But being the ‘optimistic’ me, I decided I should be happy that my junior remembered me!! *beamz*

Anyway Pinti asked my frend if I am still as ‘er xing’ as in secondary school. I said “No!”

Jo nodded her head.

Deep-sixed said, “She has multiplied her ‘er xing’ over the years!!”

Gossshhh…. I am innocent…. where gootttt!!!!

Thanx for saying Hello to me, Pinti =) And I am indeed happy to see you again!! =D

This post is dedicated for you. Hope all is well with you. And thanx for your discount! *wink*

Me + Pinti

Me + Pinti



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