Happy Birthday Jennifer

1 04 2009
I know this post is a bit late.. but I just wanna pen this down to capture tat moment. Celebrated Jennifer birthday 2x this year, one is with the whole girl gang @ Suki Sushi, and one is a mini-celebration on actual day 21.03.2009 + mahjong..
Happy Birthday mummy Jennifer!

Happy Birthday mummy Jennifer!

Jennifer is turning OLD this year.. *hoohooo* nobody is spared of aging.. =p But this year is a special year for her as she will be a mummy this June! Her baby is due in … maybe mid June.. and who knows my dear “God-son” will be born in the same date as his “GOd-ma”, on 20th June!! I am delighted and am looking forward to  baby boy, Keelan’s arrival.

Well that is his tentative English name, Keelan. His mother likes it, so most prob will be this name, unless there is new changes. As for his Chinese name, it is still under construction… hehee

Celebrating Jennifer's BD
Celebrating Jennifer’s BD

This June is an exciting month.. there is my sis-in-law giving birth to my little nephew, Kayden. And Jennifer giving birth to Keelan. And my colleague, Leela, also giving birth then. She doesn’t want to know the gender of baby, but I guess it is a baby boy! *woohooo* Oh most importantly it is my birthday! Yes.. there is dual feeling abt birthday – sad and happy.

Happy Birthday my dear princess

Happy Birthday my dear princess



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