The KangXi Emperor

2 04 2009

We had free entry to the special exhibition “The Kang Xi Emperor” @ Asian Civilization Museum (ACM) on 29th March 2009. It was not our first time visiting ACM, and from our last visit, we already knew this special exhibition is coming. We are still contemplating whether we will come again..

But luckily Linda told us last minutes that last weekend 28/3 and 29/3 – it was free entrance to visit ACM. So on sunday, we decided to drop by for a while. Queue was long and once ur inside, no photography allowed. I was caught once taking photo inside =p Get a shock of my life, the guard even asked me to delete the foto, in front of him… >.<

Ok I am not sure the main purpose of not able to take foto is to disclose the content of the whole exhibition or to protect the treasures displayed in this exhibition… anyway… we just enjoyed the exhibition, quite not bad.. except it is not in a very big scale..

Me @ Kang Xi Emperor exhibition

Me @ Kang Xi Emperor exhibition

The Kang Xi Emperor Special Exhibition @ ACM

The Kang Xi Emperor Special Exhibition @ ACM

Note that this Kang Xi Emperor special exhibition are open to public from 13th March to 14th June 2009. Know more abt Kang Xi Emperor, hailed as one of China’s greatest rulers, his reign lasted for 61 years. View some of the interesting artefacts like the twelve digit calculator, embroidered dragons socks, the armour, the seal, the portraits..etc and even a virtual tour of the Forbidden City, if you have not been in Beijing, Forbidden City.

You may not want to give it a miss if you know that out of the 95 artefacts displayed in this exhibition, 80 are rare treasures from the collection of The Palace Museum, Beijing, on show for the first time in Southeast Asia.

The Kang Xi Emperor brochure

The Kang Xi Emperor brochure

ACM is located 5mins walk from Raffles Place MRT Station, enjoy exclusive discounts to Kang Xi Emperor using PAssion Card. Oh, and from the brochure, it seems that there is discounted admission every Fri 7-9pm. But best to check with them personally.




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