10 04 2009

Saw this clipz on fren’s facebook profile, loving this commercial.. Cried too .. a few times…. it is very touching..


It is these small things that you will remember…

The little imperfection that makes them perfect for you.

I hope one day, you find yourselves life partners who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.


Great job Yasmin Ahmad and MCYS!! Well done.

Watch it with chinese subtitles here

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Happy Easter Day!

10 04 2009

Happy Easter Day!

I am welcoming the extra holiday and the long weekend!!


I am going for Pulau Ubin today with my 3 gfs..

Not sure what to expect, will share abt our trip next time..

Tomorrow is another exciting day!

Badminton + cycling…

So sportive and healthy lifestyle nowadays… =p

Sharing fotos soon! =)