20 04 2009

Talking abt journey planner, my previous post did not include SMRT buses, only SBS Transit. To know the bus route details, operating hours and frequency range of both SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, click this link. In there, you can also calculate the fares, the estimated travel time and the no. of stops of your bus journey by selecting the start and end point.

But this is useful only if you know which roughly which bus you want to take.

What if you just know where you want to go? U want to know how to go from point A to point B without much hazzle..

Long time ago, I already utilize this search engine for direction – street directory. It used to be good. But now, you can roughly find a place (near which MRT) using streetdirectory. Sometimes, it is not very useful if you want to know how to get to there!

Recently Esther recommended me a very good site –

What is gothere?

what is gothere?

what is gothere?

Extracted from website:

We are all about helping people find their way around Singapore. Need to go somewhere? Just tell us where and we’ll tell you how. Looking for a place? Tell us what and we’ll tell you where.

Bus + Train

Buses and trains are the main mode of transport for most in Singapore. Our public transport directions are served together with handy details such as the total fare and total time. If you’re taking a bus, you’ll be delighted to know that we’ll let you know the number of stops to your destination, and even included the bus stop number so that you can check SBS iris for the next arriving bus timing.

Preferred mode of transport

For holders of farecards with unlimited bus or train rides, you may wish to indicate your preferred mode of transport to get to your destination.

You might be interested in these points on our maps…

(Try clicking these icons on the map to open up more information)

  • Bus Stop
  • MRT Station
  • LRT Station

 Sbs website only provides the routes of SBS Transit.. gothere provides also buses from SMRT, as well as routes by mrt. There are choices for you to select:

  1. By bus only,
  2. By train+bus,
  3. By taxi
  4. By driving

Oh lala … yes it is that comprehensive.. By taxi, it tells you roughly how long is the journey by the desired route and how much is the fare (all those midnight, peak-hr charges will be also listed down).. In this case, even if you or taxi-driver dunno the place, you can guide them to follow the listed route.

If you are driving, gothere also acts like your navigator.. telling you to turn left, turn right, go ahea, exit at which expressway exit…etc

As for me, what is most useful (since i dun drive) is the by bus+train service. By Bus only and by Train+Bus services, you can also choose:

  1. Smartest way
  2. Fastest way
  3. Cheapest way

Just like i wanted to check how to go from Eunos MRT to Fengshan CC coz I was going there on Saturday to play badminton.. I am not so familiar with Fengshan CC, but from last week research at gothere, I knew I could take bus 222 from the bus stop in front of Bedok Bus interchange. So this time round, I did another search at gothere.

gothere search

gothere search

Oh, Esther also pointed out that there is a “switch” button that you can click on if you want to switch the start and end point.. like if I want to know how to go back to Eunos MRT from Fengshan CC, I just click the “switch” button.. and viola..

Highly recommended.. so hope it is useful to you as well =)

Oh want an iPhone, check out more at gothere. There is a contest right now.

Happy using and searching at gothere!!



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