My hat is missing

22 04 2009

juskawaime is frustrated..

new white hat is missing…

Last used is 15th Feb 2009, in ACM visit. See post here.

So the qs is … where do I misplace it?

Have I lost it while visiting ACM?

Or have I misplaced it somewhere in my room?!?!


Several times I wanted to use it .. just like my Pulau Ubin trip..etc  but soon gave up when I cannot find it anywhere…

Where is my white hat?

Hopefully it will one day re-surface… so at least it means that the hat is still within my room.. somewhere… in a …. safe place…. =p




2 responses

23 04 2009

When there is loss, there will be gain….
Who know u might be receiving a new hat soon? haha…. give sm hinting to ur frens & family lo…

23 04 2009

hehe thanx for the encouragement Dolphin =)

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