Most Popular Female Artistes

23 04 2009

Have you voted for the Top 10 Female Nominees for Star Awards 2009?

My guess for TOP 10:

  • Felicia Chin
  • Yvonne Lim
  • Jeanette Aw
  • Kym Ng
  • Quan Yi Fong
  • Joanne Peh
  • Vivian Lai
  • Ivy Lee
  • Xiang Yun
  • Rui En
Star Awards 2009 - Most Popular Female Artistes

Star Awards 2009 - Most Popular Female Artistes

Table of Glory

23 04 2009

Seeing one of the leading actress, Kola Zhou Ying, in the new drama, Table of Glory, I thought I have seen her before..  Yes, she participated in the Star Search competition, as posted here, and was eliminated in the Semifinal 1. It is good that she can make a comeback..

Never really pursue this drama, but I think the drama song is a bit wrong… funny song..  And some of the ping pong action a bit unrealistic and piaanngg… Anyway in this drama, the actors and actressess are:

  • Joshua Ang (He Sheng Wu)
  • Dai Yang Tian (He Jia Jun)
  • Zhou Ying (Zhang Zi Yi)
  • Xu Ya Hui (Liu Yu)
  • Zheng Ge Ping (He Ying Xiong)
  • Kym Ng (Ma Tian Tian)
  • Guo Liang (He Shuai)
  • Rayson Tan (Jiang Xian)
  • Teresa Teng (Xiao Fen)
  • Wu En Yi (Ma Li An)
  • Zhang Wen Xiang (Lin Da Di)
  • Jeremy (Akira)
  • Alan Tern (Liu Yun)
  • Leong Wai Keong (Mai Shao Qiang)


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