Happy ROM, Fann Wong!

16 05 2009

juskawaime wishes Fann Wong and Christopher Lee – “HAPPY BLESSED WEDDING / ROM!!”

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee at The Wedding Game Movie

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee at The Wedding Game Movie

 Fann Wong has became romantically attached to Christopher Lee in late 2002, but only admitted their relationship openly in mid 2005. So their almost 7 years relationship has finally blossomed, and it is about time as both are not getting young. Both are 38 years old this year, with Fann Wong is abt 6mths older.

They have collaborated eight times in the television productions and have played lovers in six of them.

Extracted from Wikipedia

Correction! They have been dating since Yr 2000, and that make them together for 9 years of courtship.

I wonder what are those productions they did? Looking at Fann Wong’s work and Christopher’s works, it seemed we have:

1996: Brave New World

1998: Return of the Condor Heroes

2000: Looking for Stars

2001: Madam White Snake

2001: The Hotel

2002: Brotherhood

2003: Moon Fairy

2004: Always on My Mind

2005: My Lucky Stars

And of course their first collaboration movie is The Wedding Game in Jan 2009, production by Singapore-based Thai Director Ekachai Uekrongtham, featuring also Alice Lau and Charles Cheng (Hei Ren) as their artist managers. More abt The Wedding Game can be read from this blog entry. I didn’t managed to view this movie in the cinema, but watched it twice from CD yesterday. And of course, I am loving my ever- beautiful idol Fann Wong!! *Yeah*

wedding cake figurines from The Wedding Game
wedding cake figurines from The Wedding Game

The solemnisation ceremony today 16th May 2009 will be held in the presidential suite of the Shangri-la Hotel. They would leave for Malacca soon after they exchange vows. This is so that the newlyweds can return to Christopher’s hometown to pay respect to his ancestors, including his father who died on 10th Feb 2009. And according to the chinese custom, a couple will either have to hold the wedding within 100 days of a close kin’s feath or wait three years. So after the solemnisation, the BIG day will be on 29th Sept 2009 where the traditional Chinese wedding, including tea ceremony and wedding dinner, will be held at Shangri-la Hotel. The dinner in Malacca for Christopher’s Malaysian relatives and friends will be at Renaissance Malacca Hotel on 11th Oct 2009. After than, Fann and Christopher plan to leave for their honeymoon.

Extracted from Source:Diva/TheNewPaper

I am sooo happy for them.. finally they are getting married… and meanwhile, enjoy the theme song of The Wedding Game, sang by Christy and Hagen, and is based on the famous English Wedding song called Ave Maria.




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