O Lord, I love You, I really love You

30 05 2010

juskawaime is not a good christian.. but will hum this hymn occassionally =)

O Lord, I love You,
I really love You,
Without You life’s really nothing.
You are so attracting,
And You are so charming;
Your riches are unsearchable.
Your name’s so dear and sweet,
Calling makes one satisfied,
Now You are mine and I am Thine, Lord;
Joined and mingled with You,
God-man incorporation,
Foretaste of the New Jerusalem.

Listen to music here

JLPT Results for Yr 2009

27 05 2010

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Organized by Japan Foundation & Japan Education Exchanges & Services (JEES) conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore.

The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.

The test is made up of three sections

  • Writing/Vocabulary
  • Hearing
  • Reading/ Grammar

Results of the test conducted in December 2009.

Level No. of Examinees Passed (%) Failed (%)
1 508 126 24.8% 382 75.2%
2 993 422 42.5% 571 57.5%
3 1874 1329 70.9% 545 29.1%
4 1805 1475 81.7% 330 18.3%
Total 5180 3352 64.7% 1828 35.3%

Test Date:
1st Sunday of December

Registration Period:
early August to early September
(from Mon to Fri, 2.30pm – 8.00pm, closed on Sat, Sun & public holidays)

Online Registration:
from early August (for two weeks only)

Enquiries & Registration:
The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore
Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00, Singapore 188970.
Tel: 63383428.

Application Procedure:

  1. 2 recent passport-size photos are required for registration.
  2. The application form is chargeable at $2.00 per set.
  3. Test Fee: Level 1: $55 / Level 2: $55 / Level 3: $45 / Level 4: $45.
  4. Submit your application personally at the Japanese Cultural Society.

For information about the JLPT, please visit Japan Foundation website.

Extracted from JCS

I am so happy..

26 05 2010

juskawaime loves some of the hymns sang.. Shall share one that been in my mind while going through the fotos of my dad’s 60th birthday celebration.. esp the happy faces of my nephew Kayden and my daddy =) I am so happy when I saw my loved ones are happy..


Splendid church life!

His green garden He has brought us, praise the Lord

To experience the Christ who’s growing here!

He is full of rich enjoyment to His saints in one accord;

He is new and fresh, available and dear.


I’m so happy in this lovely place

In the garden growing in His grace!

There is no finer pleasure than to eat the living tree

And to get the living water into me. (Hymn #1237)


More happy shots =)

Daddy turns 60th!

16 05 2010

Daddy is officially Senior Citizen in today!!

He got a Senior Citizen card 2 weeks before (government v efficient), and he will get elderly discount for public transport (he drives, so not much use) and some others.. Nothing to celebrate.. But what is worth celebrating is my daddy turns 60th!!



Thank you daddy for everything you have done and contributed to the family. Because of you, I am able to communicate fluently in English and Mandarin. Because of you, I was able to travel around while I was schooling. Because of you, there are countries open for me. Because of you, I was able to afford good education and good school and good country. Because of you, I am where I am today. I am proud to be your daughter.

really. Thank you Daddy! =)

Wish you be healthy, so be obedient as to heed doctor’s and our advice to exercise more, eat less/no sugar stuffs, and less coffee and fried stuffs too! If possible, I will accompany you to do strolling, gardening, cycling, tennis, jogging, swimming.. lets get healthy together… And hope your new hobby-gardening- will bear many many flowers and fruits.. =)

I strive to be work hard and harder to earn more money, so that I can help in household expense and easen your burden. And the day when I am able and your are unable, I will take care of you and mummy. Even if I am not able, we will just eat and live with whatever we have. I am sure we can all survive =)

Love you daddy!! =D


We went to a Japanese Restaurant, Wagaya, at Sydney Chinatown to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. Yummy foodie! I love family shots =)

Driving is pressurizing

10 05 2010

When I drive,  my heart beats extra fast.

Straight after I finished my drive, I finally realized I can breathe again, breathed a sign of relief. Out of my car, my legs went weak, my stomach started to growl, and my heart beat still had not recover. Too much concentration makes me hungry!

The above experiences were what I undergone in my previous 6 lessons of driving. Learning driving is indeed not easy. There are lots of things to see,  do, take care, judge, anticipate, caution..etc  You must always be careful and extra alert as small mistake could result in injury, crash or even death.

I would probably feel the same ‘hectic’ and scary feeling as listed below in future lessons. I am still afraid of driving. But I should not let it hinder my learning and totally reject learning altogether, because of fear. I am afraid of it because it is new to me. With more experiences in road and instructors’ teachings, I am sure my confidence will grow as well.

There are many things to polish, but juskawaime will just take it one at a time.