Driving is pressurizing

10 05 2010

When I drive,  my heart beats extra fast.

Straight after I finished my drive, I finally realized I can breathe again, breathed a sign of relief. Out of my car, my legs went weak, my stomach started to growl, and my heart beat still had not recover. Too much concentration makes me hungry!

The above experiences were what I undergone in my previous 6 lessons of driving. Learning driving is indeed not easy. There are lots of things to see,  do, take care, judge, anticipate, caution..etc  You must always be careful and extra alert as small mistake could result in injury, crash or even death.

I would probably feel the same ‘hectic’ and scary feeling as listed below in future lessons. I am still afraid of driving. But I should not let it hinder my learning and totally reject learning altogether, because of fear. I am afraid of it because it is new to me. With more experiences in road and instructors’ teachings, I am sure my confidence will grow as well.

There are many things to polish, but juskawaime will just take it one at a time.