Breathe Again

9 11 2008

Was doing last minutes preparation for my JCS Oral test, happened to bump into a frien’s facebook profile where she was sharing 2 songs of this Malaysian singer – Juwita Suwito.. Taken a fancy on them, like esp “Breathe Again” …

Breathe Again – Juwita Suwito

Breathe Again – Juwita Suwito

.. I just want to breathe again
Learn to face the joy and pain
Discover how to laugh a little, cry a little
Live a little more
I just wanna face the day
Forget about the wars of yesterday
Maybe if I hope a little, try a little more
I’ll breathe again.


All This Time – Juwita Suwito

All This Time – Juwita Suwito
.. I’m gonna let the wind blow
Leave the past behind
The memories will do just fine
They’ll saturate in time
I’m gonna make it on my own
Make it on my own..


Juwita Suwito is an award winning Malaysian pop-folk vocalist of Indonesian-Singaporean descent. She is one of Malaysia’s premier vocalists, and also acted as the vocal coach for Malaysian Idol. Juwita has toured extensively throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.


28 10 2008

Was introduced by Esther this song by Dai Ai Ling 戴爱玲- The Right One 对的人…

Through this song she shared with us her feeling… dun keep on pushing her to a guy that she dun fancy… there is nothing wrong with the guy, but she just doesn’t feel anything with him…

Lyrics goes like this….

Love needs to wait patiently, slowly find… feeling is very important..

I rather go empty handed, waiting that right one…

And I believe that in this world, I will surely meet my Mr Right..

爱虽然很美妙 却不能为了寂寞 又陷了泥沼
爱要耐心等待 仔细寻找 感觉很重要
宁可空白了手 等候一次 真心的拥抱
我相信在(这个)世界上 一定会遇到


This song is also for me and you all single ladies, seeking/looking/waiting for the Mr. Right!!


戴爱玲 对的人

戴爱玲 对的人

你问在我心中 是否还苦恼
那次受伤 否决了爱的好
谢谢你的关照 我一切都好
一个人 不算困扰
爱虽然很美妙 却不能为了寂寞 又陷了泥沼

爱要耐心等待 仔细寻找 感觉很重要
宁可空白了手 等候一次 真心的拥抱
我相信在(这个)世界上 一定会遇到

那次流过的泪 让我学习到
如何祝福 如何转身 不要
在眼泪体会到 与自己拥抱
爱不是一种需要 是一种对照

爱虽然很美妙 却不能为了寂寞 又陷了泥沼


能愿意为了一份爱 付出去多少
当我想清楚的时候 我就算已经准备好
放手去爱 海阔天高
喔… 耶…

Chorus (2x)

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30 08 2008

Went to KTV on Friday.. a short notice and a mini gathering…

Esther sang lots of Sodagreen‘s song… like 小宇宙, 這天, 頻率 ..etc continuously… This makes me exposed to this group’s songs.. Yes I have heard of this band named Sodagreen… 蘇打綠.. though I always mistaken their band name as 蘇打饼 .. hahaa and I know of someone who is very heart Sodagreen.. =)

I also realized that the vocalist, Qingfeng (青峰) , has a special voice.. and his looks also very boy and girl..  refreshing…  And when I saw the concert ktv, I was really amazed that Sodagreen is actually very famous with lots of supporters and fans!! I am just so outdated… hahaa

Jo and I so called ‘fall in love’ with 小宇宙..  Jo said it reflected what she experienced during the day.. so she felt ‘connected’ to the lyrics of the song… something abt the ‘incosiderate society around us’..

As for me, i like the fast pace of the music… *WooHHoo*

Now is my fav music played in my hp *wide grin*

Enjoy!! =)



作詞:吳青峰 作曲:吳青峰

左手邊有個年輕人插隊 看一眼看一眼眼神充滿不屑
電扶梯一對情侶相依偎 你看我我看你擋在走道左邊
右手邊一個婦人丟紙屑 走向前走向前好像沒有不對
公車站車門停在我面前 擠向前擠向前把我擠回路邊

賣衣服的店員態度就好像 我花錢我花錢只是買她臭臉
不太熟的朋友靠近我身邊 他的嘴他的臉充滿世故氣味

為何這城市為所欲為 我只要只屬於我的宇宙


左手邊車水馬龍吐著煙 壓過線闖過街直到我看不見
右手邊充滿暴躁的情節 一支筆一條線通通劃下句點

回到我的世界 無謂的事都走遠

左手邊窗簾拉開了一些 我的房間我的身邊多了一些光線
一瞬間瞳孔縮小了一些 我的房間我的身邊充滿鮮豔藍天
右手邊音樂放大了一些 我的房間我的身邊多了一些氣味
一瞬間心門拉開了一些 我的房間我的身邊充滿想像空間



蘇打綠 這天MV

夠深刻了嗎 來躺下吧
讓我輕撫你安慰 傷害我後的疲累

夠尖銳了嗎 看我的疤
用溫柔包覆勇敢 給喘息的你笑臉

生命從來不覺得 自己對誰該負責任
(我們看了編造的謊言 就如此輕易將彼此劃成碎片)
太多虛偽情節的表面 模糊陌生的眼

請讓我在你身邊 一起穿越這條街
請讓我在你身邊 一起紀念這一天

夠痛快了嗎 我知道啊 躲在你利刃之內 驕傲的自卑作祟
夠鮮豔了嗎 血染的花 被你刺滿的雙手 此刻擦乾你眼淚

總有一天我們都死去 丟掉名字的回憶再沒有意義
總有一天我們都忘記 曾為了一個越演越爛的故事傷心
總有一天我們都嘆息 笑著緬懷有過的愚蠢的美麗 就讓現在過去

讓我握你的手 讓你握我的手
徹底了解顫抖 你會知道我

(透過我的眼淚看你的臉 自由是我們需要的特權 你笑了 我笑了)

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You And Me 《我和你》

16 08 2008

Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Theme Song “You And Me” MV (Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan) Lyrics with Chinese Pinyin * 2008年北京第29屆奧林匹克運動會主題歌《我和你》MV (莎拉布萊曼、劉歡)



Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Theme Song “You And Me”


Chinese singer Liu Huan and British singer Sarah Brightman jointly present the theme song of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Liu Huan, 45, is one of the most popular male pop singers in China, while Sarah Brightman, 48, is a world famous soprano who is also an actress, song writer and dancer.

The Theme Song “You And Me” Lyrics with Chinese Pinyin inside the brackets

( wǒ hé nǐ
xīn lián xīntóng zhù dì qiú cūn)
( wéi mèng xiǎng
qiān lǐ xíngxiāng huì zài Běi jīng)
( lái ba
péng youshēn chū nǐ de shǒu)
( wǒ hé nǐ
xīn lián xīnyǒng yuǎn yī jiā rén)

You and me
From one world
We are family
Travel dream
A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing
Come together
Put your hand in mine
You and me
From one world
We are family

( lái ba
péng youshēn chū nǐ de shǒu)
You and me
From one world
We are family

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Singapore songs

9 08 2008

Since we are hot on National Day topic… am digging up all my favourite Singapore songs..

Dun complain…. just share the joy with me… I am patriotic ok!! =)

All these songs have been embedded/programmed deeply into me.. that whenever the songs/music arise, words/lyrics/melody/songs come out from my mouth naturally…. This is proven when I didn’t sing those Singapore songs for almost a year ….. so what …. I can still sing along when the Cherie Heart’s children performed the National Day Celebration on Friday 08.08.2008

Think the years in Xinghua Primary School and Cedar Girls’ Secondary School (especially) should had the most impact of my patrioticness.. Not only to Singapore and also to Cedar Cheers (We were then Track & Field Champions for the B’s and C’s divisions for 5 consecutive years!! Years of double champions started from my 1st year – 1992. It is really a great memorable times together at the National Stadium. This wonderful place contains many of our beautiful memories, proud moments, and exceptional glories)

So here they are:

Count on Me Singapore

One People One Nation One Singapore

Stand up for Singapore

We are Singapore

Five Stars Arising

And of course, there are more Singapore songs over the years… but dunno why they are not as deeply rooted as I wanted them to be… Some are nice, some ‘clicked’, some don’t..

I like some… like Home, My Home, , Where I Belong, We Will Get There, 一起走到, One United People, My Island Home, There is no place I rather be, Moments of Magic…etc

But well… shall do more recapping again next time =)

Happy 43rd Birthday Singapore!!

Shine for Singapore 晴空万里

9 08 2008

National Day Parade 2008 Theme Song

Shine for Singapore (English Version) and 晴空万里 (Chinese Version)

The theme for this year’s NDP is “Celebrating the Singapore Spirit” and the theme song reflects this theme by calling Singaporeans to “Shine for Singapore“.

In line with this theme, the concept of the music video aims to reflect the Singapore Spirit through the unfolding of three inspirational stories that portrays compassion, determination and the nurturing of the young.

The first story tells of how a newspaper delivery man perseveres to train for a vertical marathon by taking the stairs to distribute papers despite his old age.

Another story illustrates how a boy shows compassion to girl with a limp by designing a pair of special shoes for her, to enable her to walk normally.

The last story depicts how parents and teachers can nurture a child by being supportive and patient in understanding her creative vision.

The music video ends with the piecing up of the child’s art pieces to form a huge star – the motif of the music video that signifies every Singaporean is a star in their own way, shining bright for Singapore.

The Chinese Theme Song for NDP 2008

Name: 晴空万里
Singer: 蔡淳佳 (Joi Chua)
Theme Song: National Day Parade 2008
Composed By: Xiao Han
Music By: Benny Wong


无论哪里 它陪着我 第一时间回到熟悉


* 晴空晴万里 满载真心
就算有风雨 我们的力量像恒星
齐心合力 微弱的光芒也能燎亮天际

# 晴空行万里 让梦探寻
明天的歌曲 来自每个人的声音
坚定不移 只要紧靠一起

常年彩虹 画出彩色的回忆
在这赤道旁的岛屿 小小面积

用我们的勇气 照耀着天际

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24 07 2008
S-POP HURRAY! Fann Wong – 月亮的秘密 (23 March 2008 )

一切完美 Perfect Cut MV

20 07 2008

Channel U 一切完美主题曲 (Perfect Cut MV) by 石欣卉 Shi Sin Huey


我知道我变漂亮了 – 《一切完美》主题曲


过去的批评嘲讽 Let it go Let it go
过去的轻蔑冷落 Let it go Let it go
有些人口不饶人 却忘了瞧瞧自己

时刻都善良待人 Let’s move on Let’s move on
时刻都做好本分 Let’s move on Let’s move on
有些人心思浅薄 绝不是宽容

也许 确实也受过言语打击
也许 因此而失去了自信心

曾难过 失落

不自卑 不埋怨
内在的美 迷住每个人的眼

It seems that there is a blog for this “Perfect Cut” drama, not sure if it is official, but u can take a look here.. That is where I got the lyrics of the perfect cut. Think u can get to know more of the coming trailers of the rest of the episodes over there .. like this trailer


9 03 2008



21 02 2008

Fann Wong 范文芳 wishes you Happy Chinese New Year …  (drawn and design by her)


Shu Lai Bao 


Dao Shu

And also a song from her… =)

Chun Tian Lai Le (春天来了) – Fann Wong


4 02 2008


大S (Big S aka Barbie Xu) acting as Xin Lei and 小猪 (Small pig aka Alan Luo aka 羅志祥 ) acting as Qin Lang in this movie, Corner With Love

More of drama


24 01 2008

大嘴巴 Da Mouth consisting of 愛紗 懷秋 MC40 DJ宗華

結果咧 MV

Their other MTV:

119 and 我就是喜歡你