Belated BD Celebration

7 04 2008

22nd March 2008 

Read a review and introduction from, by Singapore based food blogger Leslie Tay, on vegetarian restaurant – The Whole Earth (TWE) so we decided to go for it for Senorita-E‘s post BD celebration =)

The Whole Earth is at 593, Geylang Road, located at Lor 29 and 31. It is on the side of the Upper Changi Rd (from Eunos to Kallang), u will not miss the orange sign-board on your right side. For reservation, 68413319 .

The Whole Earth

At first, we were a bit skeptical abt vegetarian food restaurant, since most of us are meat-eaters..  But since it was Senorita-E birthday celebration, we decided to go based on her taste – vegetarian.. Turned out that we really enjoyed the food over there… Yummy!!

A must try is their Olive Fried Rice and Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms.. Actually most of the stuffs we ordered are quite delicious… Really recommend TWE to all!! =)

My favourite – TWE Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms
TWE sambal battered oyster mushrooms
Nyonya Curry $14, TWE Vermicelli Mee Suah $6, TWE Olive Fried Rice $6, TWE Broccoli with Monkey Head mushroom $18, TWE Oatmeal Tofu $15, TWE Sambal Battered Oyster Mushrooms $14, TWE Yam Paste and TWE Nourishing Euryale Seed $4.50 each 
nyonya curry  

Happy us with delicious food, great environment..  Reasonable price also … $112 for 6 dishes + drinks + starters + desserts for 4 of us..  Only parking can be a problem here.. but fret not, they provide valet parking, much to our delight (though we didn’t know at first, so we spent quite some time to find parking..)

Happy us with yummmy TWE foodie


happy us with delicious TWE food

TWE Director, Phyllis Ong, was also very friendly and attentive to our needs … Jo even took a stack of her bizcards, wanting to help Phyllis & TWE to distribute to her colleagues… very helpful indeed!

Senorita-E + Jo + Phyllis Ong

After dinner, the birthday gal was blindfold to the next destination…

Obviously she hated it!! hahaha =p Only Jo and deep-sixed were enjoying leading the blindfolded bdgal!


Yes, she was blinded in the car (using my red scarf), and then lead to the building (walked blindfoldedly… I can image how hopeless one can be…) Yes, our next destination is TopOne KTV in Bugis Icon building… Jo and deep-sixed would walk together with Senorita-E slowly to the place, while juskawaime went to the KTV room first and set up the bdcake..

Yess… so that all will be ready when birthday gal arrived…

Surprisee…. =D  Happy Birthday dearie…  *muack*

Video of us singing birthday song to Birthday Girl

Hope birthday gal really like our arrangement..

A birthday kiss from all of us..


Really like this shot of deep-sixed… hahaa

We had fun singing songs.. eating bdcake =) Yes.. always remember the little Red riding hood ya.. =) Dunno why Jo is soo joyful in this shot… hahaa

Photo taken by my camera .. using timer.. hooohoooo

Ohh… TopOne KTV has beautiful wallpaper.. and from deep-sixed’s heard-say, they have big rooms with smoke or disco light that we can play around.. Cool… Too bad, we didn’t experience it this time… maybe next time… But I was not really used to their ‘dian ge’ 点歌 … I will prefer KBox or Partyworld…

Beautiful wallpaper, isn’t it?? =)

21st Feb

22 02 2008

21st Feb 2008 is a special day…

lots of activities today… lots of happening…… lots of good news too…


I was presented the “5 years Long Service Award” by my big boss in our quarterly staff meeting.. (Yes that is how long I have ‘sold’ my youth and years to my company!! *Gosh* o_O  -___-“” ) But anyway the award certificate was long overdue.. I have been working in my company 5years 7 months actually!! *Gosh* time flies!!!! So it was 7mths late… haha Together with me, there are also 6-7 other colleagues also being awarded this long service award. We have this group of colleagues from the TAP programme that enter the company at the same time as me (almost)..

5 years – long service… What if 20 years — too long service!! haha =p

5 years long service award


Jo & I got our JCS Japanese Language School Certificate today as well!!

This is to certify that juskawaime has successfully completed the Japanese language course and passed the final examination at the elementary level conducted by JCS Language School.

Jo and her certificate

JCS Certificate

juskawaime and her certificate

JCS award


Yuuuhhuu… quite nice.. =) And another exciting news is that we are able to get our JLPT4’s results (taken last December) next week!! *YEAH* *looking forward* WeeeEEeee Hopefully Jo and I can pass our JLPT4 with flying colors!! =D v(^_^)v Will update you all next week. Wait for our good news!! =)


And then… upon returning home… we noticed there were CNY celebration (Spring Fiest) at Eunos MRT. I heard Chen Liping and Chen ShuCheng’s voices from far.. so we walked nearer.. God really loves us… Coz the timing is just nice … when we arrived, there seemed to be a fireworks as well!!! Just in time!! WeeeEEeeee!!!!! It is very nice too.. and as long as 3minutes.. Captured them in video, see below.


The moon is very round today…

Jo and the Full Moon =)

Full moon


And remember the giant ‘God of Fortune’?? Well well..  there seems to be a crowd in front of it… you know what are they doing..?? There seemed to be some glittering papers dropping from the ‘Cai Shen’ so it is as if the ‘God of Fortune’ is throwing ‘GOLD’ to the people below.. So.. the people below are like ‘collecting/rabbing all those GOLD’!!! haha see their hands trying to grasp/catch the ‘gold’.. Some even use plastic bags to collect the ‘gold’!!! haha おもしろいですね!(interesting huh!!)

Everyone Grabbing ‘Gold’

grabing gold

抢啊!! 抢啊!!抢啊!!

or grabbing air


Good news for Singapore.. We managed to clinch the 2010 Youth Olympics. Singapore likes no. 1.. haha but itis indeed a historic moment for Singapore to be selected as Host City for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2010.. Hope with this, Sg Flyer and Integrated Resorts — Singapore and Singaporeans will do very well!! 旺 all the way!!

Singapore did it

Foto extracted from Straits Times

THE news that Singapore waited over seven months for came at precisely 7.11 pm on Thursday, broadcast live via satellite link from Lausanne in Switzerland.

It was delivered by International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge, who simply said: ‘The IOC has the honour of announcing that the first Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 are awarded to the city of Singapore.’

With that, more than 5,000 people who had gathered at the Padang for the announcement, as well as countless others glued to television sets across the island, threw up a resounding cheer.

At the Padang, the reactions of the ‘Ser’ tandem of Singapore’s IOC Executive Board member Ng Ser Miang and Parliamentary Secretary (Community Development, Youth and Sports) Teo Ser Luck, who had been instrumental in pushing the bid, reflected Singaporeans’ joy over making history.

Both men caught each other in a bear hug before jumping up and down on stage, broad grins creasing their faces.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, called on to deliver a celebratory speech, had to wait a while for the cheers to die down before saying: ‘I need hardly say how happy we all are.’

A smiling Mr Lee, with a miniature Singapore flag clutched in one hand, hailed the win as a ‘great honour and privilege for Singapore and every Singaporean’.

‘For the first time, the Olympics flame will be in South-east Asia, and in Singapore,’ he said. ‘We will be the focus of a new era of sports development for Singapore, for Southeast Asia, and for the Olympic movement.’

He praised the national effort to land the Games – both young and old, from schoolchildren to taxi drivers, were involved, including one 68-year-old cabby who wrote letters to all IOC members telling them why Singapore deserved to be host.

Read more at Staits Time and


To ends well with 8, my blog finally hit an auspicious number.. and got regular readers lehh!! Dun play play!! *wink* =p


HUAAATTTT ahh!!! =)

Some statistics to share with you all… hope these do not bored you…

The reason of the highest hit was blogged here. And readership goes stable perhaps when I share with my colleagues or friends or in Facebook or in Friendster… And of course, there are always a group of loyal ‘fans’ of my blog.. Domo Arigato!! *muack muack* Though readership is small, I am still proud of my little accomplishment. is indeed good, coz it helps you to keep track of your viewership.. Try it if you wanna start blogging… A good and easy way to start! =)

Overview Blog Statistics

The main purpose of this blog is to keep tracks of the my activities, issues I am concern, favourite phrases/sharings by others and most imptly is …also share with friends my life, joy, thoughts, happiness, activities…..etc I am glad I am still doing this actively and this blog is still having new entries.. hehe =) Total 283 posts till now…. Your continuous comments, support, interest and reading help me going!! Thank you very much!! =D

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Tang Hua – Xi Que (糖画 – 喜鹊)

6 02 2008

Yeesss Yeess..

Exam is over….
CNY is coming…
Everyone HUAT ahh!!! =)


Jo and I visited the Chinatown again … Yes it was our like 4-5th time… our fav place to hang out!! hahaha =p And we tried out this Tang Hua – Xi Que.. 糖画 – 喜鹊

Eating Tang Hua – Xi Que

Eating Tang Hua - Xi Que

More photos* taken in Sg- Chinatown CNY Bazaar

*link maybe removed after 2 weeks

Crowded MRT

27 01 2008

After my Japanese class at abt 10pm+++, will take the MRT home.. as always it will be very packed.. I was wonder why?

Dun these people have other places to go? Dun these people go home?? Even at such orbit time, MRT is packed with people… So can imagine when it is abt 5-7pm… how crowded the MRT can be!!!! Like sardine fish… can smell and touch everyone… -_______-“”

One day, I decided to video it…

TodayOnline reports an answer to MRT Squeeze.

CNY Bazaar at Chinatown

27 01 2008

As promised, here is the video taken at my trip to Chinatown Chinese New Year (CNY) bazaar.. Others will have to wait…


26 01 2008

Some video clip which I make.. just for fun..


btw, here is an early greeting from me…

Happy Chinese New Year!!! =D

Remember to hit the Chinatown or Eunos!! *wink*

Jo – starting of the year

24 01 2008

Jo promising to work hard to lose weight… starting from buying a track shoes, running pants and a pull-over..

Jia you lorr….

Andry and his cubes

28 09 2007

My youngest bro – Andry – is very good with cubes..

Me + Andry

Recorded his on-the-action … he managed to solve his cube within 30sec.. GOod Arhh =)

Cici loves you lor!! 你永远是姐姐最宝贝的弟弟,爱你咯! *muack* love