Rest in Peace, Mrs Lee!

2 10 2010

Sincere condolences to MM Lee and family. Mrs Lee is a great woman, a legendary Singapore woman icon – someone who stood behind MM Lee and Singapore during the political hardship years till now. Singapore has lost a great citizen. She will missed by many people. Farewell Mrs. Lee. Rest in Peace

Mrs Lee Kuan Yew dies at age 89
Posted: 02 October 2010 1933 hrs

SINGAPORE : Madam Kwa Geok Choo – the wife of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, and mother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has died on Saturday.

Mrs Lee Kuan Yew, age 89, passed away peacefully at home at 5.40 pm.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said the wake is held at Sri Temasek, official residence of the Prime Minister located within the Istana grounds, from October 4-5.

Visitors who wish to pay their last respects may do so on October 4-5 from 10am to 5pm.

Members of the public may call 6835 6614 for any queries.

A private funeral will take place on October 6 at Mandai Crematorium.

The family requests that no obituaries and no wreaths or flowers to be sent.

All donations will go to the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Health Research Endowment Fund.

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Is there life after 50?

14 06 2010

juskawaime‘s birthday is near, going to be 1yr older! Oh No!! But aging may not neccesarily bad.  Age is just a number. Don’t focus on regrets,  do count your blessings, do gain confidence and lets us all age gracefully.


“The message we want to bring to people out there is that life is far from over when you get to your 50s. This is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do; read more motivational books, join a gym, climb a mountain and travel to places you’ve always dreamed of. Stop worrying about being old and sickly. Every day is a blessing and losing out on making that day a happy one can take years off your life.”

Is there life after 50?

Sun, Jun 13, 2010

New Straits Times

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Male or Female Boss?

10 06 2010

Which do you prefer?? To have a male boss or female boss? Or to be a male boss or female boss?? =D

Why Everyone Prefers Male Bosses

By Elena Torrijos – June 7th, 2010

Businessman  (Getty)

Re-posted courtesy of Forbes.

by Willow Duttge

27 May 2010, 8:00 PM ET

“You know, you’re not a man,” Akio Morita, Sony’s cofounder and former chairman of the board said to one of the firm’s senior female executives over dinner one night.

“Nope, that’s absolutely true,” the woman, a single mother divorced with three children, replied.

“But you’re not a woman.”

“Uh, OK. What am I?”

“You’re in a third category.”

Right, she’s a woman boss.

It was some two decades ago that Barbara Annis, now of Barbara Annis & Associates, a firm that advises blue-chip companies on gender diversity and inclusiveness, had that conversation with the late “god of Sony.” But not a lot has changed in terms of how we view female leaders.

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Public Holidays for Sg (Yr 2011)

27 04 2010

Love Holidays! And we need to plan early if going for any trip, booking advance ticket is cheaper esp with promotion w budget airlines..


21 April 2010

The dates for the 11 specified public holidays for 2011 are as follows:

New Year’s Day  1 January 2011 Saturday
Chinese New Year          3 February 2011

4 February 2011



Good Friday       22 April 2011 Friday
Labour Day        1 May 2011 Sunday*
Vesak Day 17 May 2011 Tuesday
National Day 9 August 2011 Tuesday
Hari Raya Puasa 30 August 2011 Tuesday
Deepavali          26 October 2011 Wednesday
Hari Raya Haji    6 November 2011 Sunday*
Christmas Day   25 December 2011 Sunday*

* The following Monday will be a public holiday

2.   The date, 26 October 2011, for Deepavali needs to be checked against the Indian Almanac when it is available.  Should there be a change in date, the Ministry of Manpower will issue a media release to announce the change.

3.   The list of public holidays for 2011 is available on the Ministry of Manpower’s website.


4.   The Ministry would like to inform that there is no change to the Deepavali date this year and it remains on 5 November 2010, as previously announced. 


Dance in Raffles Place 23.10.2009

24 10 2009

How I adore this..
I thought it was coolzz!
How I wish I was there.. hehee =D
Or maybe even participated in it.. haha 

Flash mob takes over CBD
SOME were reading the papers while others were standing idly by.

And when the music came on, 200 dancers took the onlookers at Raffles Place by surprise as they broke into a choreographed dance.

‘The toughest part of the flash mob was to train 200 people for the dance. We don’t have a space to accommodate everybody so we separate them in groups,’ said Ms Carol Cheong, the dance choreographer for the flash mob.

The routine took them around two weeks to put together.

Increasingly, flash mobs are used as publicity stunts without the original spontaneity.

To find out what onlookers think about the organised flash mobs, go to RazorTV.

Source: StraitsTime


Calling Singaporeans to join in the beat
By Lynda Hong, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 19 September 2009 1905 hrs

SINGAPORE: Dancers from the Da:ns Festival want Singaporeans to move to the beat too.

Before the 10-day Da:ns Festival starts on 23 October at the Esplanade, organisers will be planting a series of flash mob dancers at different places.

These will be unannounced to have the element of surprise. Anyone is welcome to join in. All that’s needed, organisers say, is spontaneity.

Raffles City on Saturday became the first venue to see these flash mob dancers doing a five-minute performance, giving some shoppers a pleasant surprise.

“Initial reaction was, ‘music in the shopping mall, how can that be?’ And then, the next thing was you see people dancing. I understand that it’s really about getting people to dance, to take part. I think it’s fantastic,” said a shopper.

“I think it’s good to be dancing in the city,” said another.

The festival will end on 1 November.

– CNA/ir

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

Contract Work

27 05 2009

The good and bad of contract work
Thinking of taking on a contract-based job? First consider some of the pros and cons:


  • Flexibility for those who like the freedom of working on preferred projects and for different companies
  •  Opportunities to explore new firms and sectors and to learn new skills
  •  Freedom to decide your working periods: you can work for six months and take a three-month break


  • May not get the same level of compensation or an equal range of benefits as full-time employees
  • Lack of job security as it is the company’s decision whether to renew your contract
  • Possibility of a ‘gap’ between contracts if you can’t find another job immediately after the previous one expires

Sources: Robert Walters, The GMP Group, Mercer



More seek contract work
Professionals less picky as jobs become scarce amid recession: Poll
By Fiona Chan

AS THE recession continues to erode the job market, it is changing the rules of the employment game. Contract-based work is getting more prevalent as companies look to slash costs and individuals get less picky about their jobs, according to recruitment agencies.

A recent survey by recruitment consultancy Robert Walters found that professionals in Singapore were showing ‘an increased interest in taking on contract work’, with as many as a third of the respondents happy to do so in the dismal economic climate.

Fifty per cent of them would consider contract work if no permanent positions were available, said Robert Walters.

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Professional Categories of Star Awards09

25 04 2009

16 April 2009 – ‘The Little Nyonya’ sweeps a total of 24 nominations in this year’s Star Awards! Nominations include Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Production Design and Best Editing in the Professional categories, making this an additional 8 nominations to its current 16 nominations announced earlier in the Programme and Performance Categories.


The results of the Professional Categories were announced at the Star Awards Gala Dinner & Award Presentation next Tuesday, 21 April at Mandarin Oriental Hotel at 7pm.



最佳导演 Best Director:

谢敏洋小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

张龙敏小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

最佳剧本 Best Script:

洪荣狄 小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

最佳美术设计 Best Art Direction:

何福春 小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

最佳剪辑 Best Editing:

张必芳小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

Best Drama Theme Song  最佳电视主题曲

《小娘惹 The Little Nyonya》‘如燕’



最佳音效设计 Best Sound Design:

黄丽清变奏曲 Rhythm of Life



Young Talent Award 青苹果奖

《一切完美 Perfect Cut》林可可



最佳宣传短片 Best Promo Trailer:


Danny Loh – Super Mummy 全能俏妈妈 Recruitment


Best Infotainment:


Tuesday Report: 生死一线





施忆玲 – 45载光芒8方贺台庆 The 45th Anniversary Gala





林嘉仪 – 心晴大动员 Life Transformer





程照杰 – 观景轮发生故障 Singapore Flyer Stoppage Causes Mid-Air Drama





杨晓红, 洪丽娇 – 马英九当选台湾新总统 Taiwan New President Ma Ying Jeou


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Reduction in bus and train fares

18 04 2009

I am not a bus person…

I am more of a MRT person..

I do not drive, so I don’t really know road names well. But tell me it is near which which MRT, I will know roughly where it is in Singapore.

And this is also the reason I prefer to stay near the MRT. Walking distance is good. 3-10mins is good.

Since I am not a bus person, I seldom or never really visit the SBS website.

But recently, I visited the website to check if bus 2 from my place really go to Changi Village. And viola, I had my answer. So try this if u want to check the bus route of a particular bus number. And if you need to go from one place to another, you can try their journey planner to plan your route. I shall try this service next time! =)

Oh btw, us commuters may be pleased wit this news! “there is a reduction in bus and train fares with effect from 1st April 2009 to 30th June 2010.” Yes!!


Beautifully Imperfect Couple Contest

11 04 2009

Still searching for the PERFECT partner?

IMPERFECTIONS are what actually that make someone PERFECT.

Join our search for the most imperfect-perfect couple and win a romantic getaway.

Take part in the Beautifully Imperfect Couple Contest and win a weekend getaway in Sentosa exclusively put together for you.

All you have to do is post a photo of yourself and your partner and in 25 words or less, tell us why you make a beautifully imperfect couple.

Check out the contest here in Facebook!

There are also many appreciative comments in there! Be a fan. Write ur comment.

Celebrate the Imperfections that Makes a Relationship- Perfect!

Beautifully Imperfect

Beautifully Imperfect

perfect commercialz… but where is my beautifully imperfect partner that is so perfect for me? Hmmm….


10 04 2009

Saw this clipz on fren’s facebook profile, loving this commercial.. Cried too .. a few times…. it is very touching..


It is these small things that you will remember…

The little imperfection that makes them perfect for you.

I hope one day, you find yourselves life partners who are as beautifully imperfect as your father was to me.


Great job Yasmin Ahmad and MCYS!! Well done.

Watch it with chinese subtitles here

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Earth Hour 2009

25 03 2009

My company is also doing our part by switching off the lights in our office building on 28th March, 2009, for 60 Minutes (8.30pm-9.30pm). All lights, including our company signage, will be switched off to show our support for this movement.  My company, of course, encourage us employees  to do likewise at home, and help take a step against global warming. Lets everyone do a part. Vote Earth! =)

Switch off your lights for Earth Hour

Saturday, 28 March 2009, 8.30pm-9.30pm

On March 28 you can VOTE EARTH by switching off your lights for one hour.
Or you can vote global warming by leaving your lights on.

The results of the election are being presented at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. We want one billion votes for Earth, to tell world leaders that we have to take action against global warming.

Vote Earth - Earth Hour 2009

Vote Earth - Earth Hour 2009

Earth hour  is an international movement against global warming which began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour.your voting ticket – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF-World Wide Fund For Nature is urging the world to VOTE EARTH. If the target of 1 billion votes for Earth can be achieve, the results will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009, where government officials discuss policies to take action against global warming.

In 2009, Earth Hour is armed with the goal to have 1 billion people switch off their lights as part of a “global vote”.  Your light switch will be

More information about the event can be found on this website

Earth Hour. Saturday 28 March 2009.



25 02 2009

红星大奖2009入围名单 Star Awards 2009 Nominations

【小娘惹】称霸【红星大奖 2009】!

《红星大奖2009》入围名单公布! (in english)

It is the world of Little Nonya.. with 16 nominations, doniminating Best Supporting Actress with 5 out 6 nominations …. lets see if it will emerge as the biggest winner!

My choice:

小娘惹 The Little Nyonya

陈汉玮/不凡的爱 Chen Han Wei (By My Side)

欧萱/小娘惹 Jeanette Aw (The Little Nyonya)

姚玟隆/小娘惹 Yao Wen Long (The Little Nyonya)

黄慧/小娘惹 Ng Hui (The Little Nyonya)

戴阳天 Dai Yang Tian


郭亮/艺点心思 Guo Liang (CelebriTea Break)

李心钰/与心共舞 Belinda Lee (Come Dance With Me)

心晴大动员 Life Transformers

与心共舞 Come Dance With Me

才华横溢出新秀2007总决赛 Star Search 2007 (Finals)


Who and which are your choice?? =)

Star Awards will be held on 26 April 2009.


Make a date with Star Awards 2009, Sunday April 26, at 7pm on Channel 8. Post show party will be telecast on Channel U at 10pm.


Best Drama Serial
By My Side
Just In Singapore
Love Blossoms 1
Perfect Cut
The Golden Path
The Little Nyonya


Best Actor
Adrian Pang (Nanny Daddy)
Chen Han Wei (By My Side)
Huang Wen Yong (Just In Singapore)
Pierre Png (The Little Nyonya)
Qi Yu Wu (The Little Nyonya)
Tay Ping Hui (The Golden Path)


Best Actress
Chen Li Ping (Just in Singapore)
Chen Li Ping (The Golden Path)
Fann Wong (The Defining Moment)
Felicia Chin (The Golden Path)
Jeanette Aw (The Little Nyonya)
Joanne Peh (The Little Nyonya)


Best Supporting Actor
Chew Chor Meng (The Golden Path)
Dai Yang Tian (The Little Nyonya)
Darren Lim (The Little Nyonya)
Yao Wen Long (The Little Nyonya)
Zzen (The Little Nyonya)
Zhu Hou Ren (The Defining Moment)


Best Supporting Actress
Eelyn Kok (The Little Nyonya)
Li Yin Zhu (The Little Nyonya)
Lin Mei Jiao (The Little Nyonya)
Ng Hui (The Little Nyonya)
Xiang Yun (The Little Nyonya)
Pei Xuan (The Golden Path)


Best Newcomer
Andie Chen
Dai Yang Tian
Jerry Yeo
Koh Yah Hwee
Paige Chua
Zhang Zhen Huan



Best Variety Show Host
Christopher Lee (Life Transformers)
Quan Yi Fong (Life Transformers)
Kym Ng (Buzzing Cashier)
Lee Teng (On The Beat 3)
Marcus Chin (Golden Age Talentime 2008)
Guo Liang (CelebriTea Break)

郭亮/亮点人生 – 真情无障碍

Best Info-Ed Programme Host
Belinda Lee (Find Me A Singaporean 2)
Belinda Lee (Come Dance With Me)
Chua Lee Lian (Food Old Days)
Dasmond Koh (Tourism Insiders)
Guo Liang (Breaking Barriers)
Lin Pei Fen (So Simple II)


Smart省钱王 2

Best Variety Programme
Buzzing Cashier
CelebriTea Break
King of Thrift 2
Life Transformers
Star Chef 2
SuperBand 2

我们的大日子 2
星期二特写: 生死一线
星期二特写: SARS后的天空

Best Info-Ed Programme
Come Dance With Me
Food Hometown
My World My Blog
Of Rites & Rituals 2
TR- In the Face of Death
TR- 5 Years of SARS-free

非常Superband – 大决战

Best Variety Special
S-Pop Hurray! Music Gala
Star Awards – 25th Drama Anniversary Show
Star Search 2007 (Finals)
SuperBand 2 Grand Finals
The Anniversary Gala 2008
The Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show

如燕 /小娘惹 /Olivia Ong
屋檐 /一房半厅一水缸/亦迅