JLPT Results for Yr 2009

27 05 2010

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Organized by Japan Foundation & Japan Education Exchanges & Services (JEES) conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society of Singapore.

The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.

The test is made up of three sections

  • Writing/Vocabulary
  • Hearing
  • Reading/ Grammar

Results of the test conducted in December 2009.

Level No. of Examinees Passed (%) Failed (%)
1 508 126 24.8% 382 75.2%
2 993 422 42.5% 571 57.5%
3 1874 1329 70.9% 545 29.1%
4 1805 1475 81.7% 330 18.3%
Total 5180 3352 64.7% 1828 35.3%

Test Date:
1st Sunday of December

Registration Period:
early August to early September
(from Mon to Fri, 2.30pm – 8.00pm, closed on Sat, Sun & public holidays)

Online Registration:
from early August (for two weeks only)

Enquiries & Registration:
The Japanese Cultural Society, Singapore
Midland House, 112 Middle Road #05-00, Singapore 188970.
Tel: 63383428.

Application Procedure:

  1. 2 recent passport-size photos are required for registration.
  2. The application form is chargeable at $2.00 per set.
  3. Test Fee: Level 1: $55 / Level 2: $55 / Level 3: $45 / Level 4: $45.
  4. Submit your application personally at the Japanese Cultural Society.

For information about the JLPT, please visit Japan Foundation website.

Extracted from JCS


14 08 2009

Intoducing you this song…
千の風になって (sen no kaze ni natte)

The lyrics is translated from an English poem entitled “Do no stand at my grave and weep”.

Extracted from jn

JLPT3 result!

26 02 2009

Yo Yo …. I knew I will get my JLPT3 result this week.. based on experience of receiving my JLPT4 result last year around this time too.. last week of Feb

Prayed before opening the envelope sent by JCS and YES……..

juskawaime PAASSSSEEDDDD!!! WoooHHHoooooo

————– Results ————-

Writing.Vocabulary もじ。ごい 文字。語彙: 64/100

Listening ちょう かい 聴解: 83 / 100

Reading.Grammar とっかいぶんぽう 読解。文法: 155 / 200

Total: 302 / 400  (75.5%)


Overall a de-provement (opposite of improvement! is there such a word? =p) of result from last year, my JLPT4 results, where I scored 78% .. but who cares!! ;p

I passed my JLPT3!!! And that is all that matters… =) Yes, I am glad I am in the 77% of candidates that passed!

Coz I cannot bear the thought of re-taking my JLPT3.. *Arrrghhh* What I heard from the some of the candidates last year is the JLPT3 of 2008 was easier compared to past years papers! I felt it was not that difficult too.. Not very easy.. but at least it was not very tough!! Thanx God!! So most prob this year 2009 will be a difficult paper for JLPT3? One year easy, one year difficult???

Thank you Lord for your grace & mercy!

juskawaime is just very very happy!! WeeeEEEeeee!!

Hope those who took JLPT papers last year also have flying colours =)

Oh some statistic on the JLPT to share, extracted from JCS: 

One note that scare me is the no. of candidates who failed their JLPT1 and JLPT2… More than 50% failed! Gosh… I think I should just stop at JLPT3.. =p

Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Organized by Japan Foundation
& Japan Educational Exchanges & Services (JEES)
Conducted by the Japanese Cultural Society in Singapore
The objective of the test is to let Japanese language students know their level of proficiency as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for the learning of the language for mutual understanding among nations.


The test is made up of three sections: Writing/Vocabulary, Hearing and Reading/Grammar.
Results of 2008 Japanese Language Proficiency Test




Source from JCS



Awaiting my JLPT3 result

23 02 2009

Looking from my last year post-entry on my JLPT4 result, taken in Dec 2007, I think I should get my JLPT3 result (taken Dec 2008) this week…

I wonder how will I score??


If I fail, hope I can take it…

Lets just hope for the best!

Kanpatte juskawaime!!


15 01 2009

Starting my first class in Advanced Japanese Level today.. was looking forward to my classs!! =)

Was wondering who will be my teacher..

I was hoping my teacher will be Naoko sensei..

But no such luck.. my teacher is Mito Takako sensei..

Heard from Mel, she is good.. so crossing my fingers..

So far, first lesson so far so good…

sensei will not speak english in class for Advanced level, so had quite a ‘hard’ time understanding lesson…. haha

First lesson is normally introduction of sensei, self-introduction and revision of those forms.. haha basically, all lessons-learnt last year already give back to teacher… forgot most!! *Duh*

Will be missing 3 of her next lessons as I will be going to Australia.. And will be doing 1 make-up (hopefully got space) on tuesday next week. Hopefully, I will not missed too much info.. Anyway, my friends will be there to help me take notes.. =)

Btw, I have heard that my ex-teacher Tsukuma sensei has return to Japan, wishing her the best in Japan!

Sharing my self-introduction (in class):
わたしは(なまえ)ともうます。 みなさんは 「KK]と よんでください。

B2 から きました。わたしの先生は たかまつなおこ 先生です。

いま、ドイツの かいしゃいん です。

しゅみは りょこう や カラオケ や かいもの や たべもの です。

らいしゅ、わたしは オーストラリア ヘ 家族に あいに いきます。

しょらい、 お金があれば、 日本へ いきたいです。

よろしく おねがいします。

Here I come.. Advanced Japanese…. =)

JCS results

16 12 2008

Gotten back my JCS results for yr 2008 (Japanese, Intermediate level)

Relook at my previous posts, I have estimated 290/350 for my result, which is about 82.86%

Seemed that it is quite accurate.. coz I got abt as well..

  • Grammar/Vocabulary 89/100
  • Listening 32/50
  • Dictation 45/50
  • Writing 48/50
  • Oral 50/50
  • Essay 37/50

Total: 301/350

Rank: 79th/394

Ok some plus and minus in the individual tests, but they all add up abt the same 80+++%  hehee =p =)

I wanted to get abt 90% like last year‘s JCS results in Beginner level… but I guess I just have to be satisfied with such results =)

Thank you Lord for your guidance *muack*


7 12 2008

Finally it is over..
There was some ‘warning’ abt not to release any info (though I am not sure what kind of info they are referring) .. but anyway… I almost forgotten all qs also..

I am just so glad that it is over and now I can start packing my bag and prepare for my biz trip. Meaning .. I can get on with my life… have been confining myself at home these weeks.. getting fatter… getting more anti-social (AS) … hahaa .. Now can trully enjoy my trip and the coming festive seasons.. *Yiiippiiee*

I just hope I managed to pass my paper. God hear my prayer.

Thank you