Japan Trip

29 10 2010

Going to Japan soon.

Have done lots of research and planning since donkey mths ago.. and finally the time has come! *Yippees*

I thought it is a bit too fast (time does fly!!), and I was just sick for 2 days (have not been feeling good past 1-2weeks), and one of travel mates – Jing – is also sick!! OH mY! -___-“”

And I have not revise my Japanese language… Oh no! Everything is returned to the sensei already! =( I will be bringing a dictionary just in case, But i suspect we would prob will not use it and will just make do with hand-language, broken english and broken japanese!! =p It will be fun! It has to be fun!! =)

Planning for this Japanese trip – is most challenging travel trip I have ever planned.. Esp the metro/subways.. see already – atama ga itaii desu!! *Headache* Plus the place we covered are big – Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima (if have time, Nara). and the period is long – 14days!! (Yes we are going to be very broke!!) Luckily we take turns in planning *team spirit is strong* And whatever we didn’t plan, hopefully we can find our way around.. All will turn out fine! Amen!

I am going for fabric shopping for 2nd day (all by myself – free day) while waiting for another travelmate – Jo – to join us. I have done some searching online.. intend to really shop till drop!! haha hopefully i have enough $$ to spend! =p

God bless our trip – fun and safe trip and bless us with strong body for this trip.

Cya when we are back!! =)

Pulau Ubin Trip

29 04 2009

Joanne, Josephine, Paulyn and juskawaime went for a short break to Pulau Ubin on 10th April 2009, Good Friday holiday.

Our aim is to go Chek Jawa to catch the marine life during the low tide + enjoying the nature walk + Seafood dinner. No cycling for us (something which people normally do in Pulau Ubin to get around), we decided to go on foot since both Jo do not know how to cycle. But we will opt for the van ride when we return if time is getting late..

us @ Pulau Ubin

us @ Pulau Ubin

But walking there halfway (not even halfway,maybe only 5%), it started to get dark. We called the van to come and fetch us in case it gets raining while walking. I was delighted with the cool feeling and no need to walk while comfortably sitting in an air-con mini van to Chek Jawa (S$2.50/pax/ride).

However, the rain just get bigger and bigger… Until we decided that it was impossible to enjoy the marine life in Chek Jawa. So we ‘acted’ a bit in front of the van driver to convince him that we were horrified that there wasn’t any shelter in front of Chek Jawa. We certainly didn’t want to alight of the van and got drenched and stranded in that place, wet and full of mosquitoes.. Yes we took that same van back.. and S$5 poorer (each person). Funny incident… =p

While it is still raining, with nothing else to do, we went for early seafood dinner. Once we ordered and food had come, the rain has stopped. Most people in restaurant were gone. They r just there to drink water and waiting for rain to stop. But we had to finish our food. And unfortunately our food is not as delicious as what we expected. We were quite disappointed though.

Us @ Quarry

Us @ Quarry

Anyway after meal, we checked out the nearby quarry and had mini nature walk and sight-seeing. Oh we spotted some birds camofloguing among the trees.. and Yes we saw a CROCODILE!!

A crocodile under water?

A crocodile under water?

Ok we didn’t see the actual body, but there is a trace of it moving from East of the lake to the West of the lake… Horrified!! After walk, I also had the coconut juice (cooling, yummy and sweet – Fantastic!!). Soon after, the rain started again.. so we decided to end this trip.

Overall, despite the rain, it was a good break to smell the fresh air and get in touch with the nature =0) 

Some photos we took:

Nicee…. What is the name of this flower?


A bird we saw camouflaging itself among the branches of tree.. We needed to do a lot of zooming using Jo’s camera Nikon P90 to get this shot..

Coconut tree.. nope the coconut juice and fruit we drank/ate was not from this tree… =p *wink*


7 02 2009

juskawaime & family went to Cairns for short weekend holiday from 31st Jan 2009 to 2nd Feb 2009. We rented a car for 3 days, that can seat 7 of us. 2 are mum’s friend + son, while we have mum, dad, me, Yongkie and Andry. My 2nd bro, Hendra, and my 2 sis-in-laws were missing in action, unable to join us this time.

Coz of rainy days and Cyclone coming, we were unable to go out to the sea and experience the famous Great Barrier Reef. It was quite a pity. But nevertheless, despite the rain, we still continue our road trip and see what we can see, go where we can go etc etc..

Below are some essence scenary fotos of our trip =)

Thank you Lord for this holiday time

Kuranda Barron Falls

Kuranda Barron Falls

The Swimmin Lagoon

The Swimmin Lagoon

Babinda Boulders Gorge

Babinda Boulders Gorge

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Palm Cove

Sunset view from airplane

Sunset view from airplane


5 02 2009

Though I am ‘so called’ in holiday, my mind wonders to other more holiday spots/time when I saw Jessica’s blog post… Not sure if there is any chance or opportunity.. but it is good to day-dream once in a while.. =p

Will love to visit Oia, Santorini in Greece next time =)



China trip (ii)

11 12 2008

Xi An is not as cold as I thought or prepare it to be… So some of my thicker winter clothing are not really used…. perhaps I will use them when I am in Beijing this weekend..

Biz trip was quite packed and busy with meetings …  I still managed to squeeze in a trip to Tang Paradize, 大唐芙蓉园 yesterday night. Though some of our colleagues suggested we (my Sg colleague and I)  go during the day so we have more time to look around the Tang Paradize, we do not really have this luxury. We left office at abt 6.45pm and reached there abt 7.35pm. At that time, we then realized that the place closed abt 9pm!! 1hr++ to see the whole place.. is indeed a short time… but we were already all the way there, so we paid RM68 to enter. We only managed to see the Water Show and some buildings from outside.. it was cold…

We also had Steamboat dinner tonight with colleagues at a quite new and posh restaurant, 深海世界鲍鱼翅海鲜火锅 (at 西安科技二路店).. yummy… we had our own mini steamboats and u know what they had very coolz induction cookers, embedded in the table.. So it was like this…. We were amazed!! hahaa

Not our first steamboat here, we had Steamboat also last night after our Tang Paradize trip.. it was very shiok to eat steamboat in a cold place.. =)

Fotos to be updated later..

China Trip

10 12 2008

Air China is very punctual. Flight is at 9.30am, last call was at 8.50am. I entered the gate abt 9am. By 9.15am, we were all seated in the plane.. getting ready to take off.


One slight thing that I have to complain is that you need to claim ur luggage first and re-check in for your next domestics flight. Like for me, my final destination is to Xi-An and I need to transit in Beijing. They only transit in Beijing, Cheng Du and Shang Hai for SG-XiAn journey. In Sg, when I checked in, they will give you 2 tickets, one for SG-Beijing and one for Beijing-XiAn. However, you need to re-check in ur baggage to another counter when u reach in Beijing. Over there, they didn’t issue any tickets for u or the baggage, but just take in ur baggage and write the gate of ur next flight. Such process, if could be simplified, will be better.


Beijing terminal is definitely much bigger than Cheng Du terminal. At least there are shops that you can visit. I remembered when I transit in Cheng Du years back, it was like dead town in the transit airport.. hahaa Beijing Terminal 3 – currently the biggest airport in the world. You definitely can get lost over here, esp if you need to do all those luggage claim, pass through custom, pass through security check, re-check in, and get to ur gate. But as long as you can speak mandarin and you have enough transit time (1hrs min for a relax time), you should do fine, like me! Temperature in airport is not very cold, I survived in my Tshirt and cargo pant. But just take note, when u get off from airplane, you may need to get ur jacket ready as it may not be indoor then. When I reached Beijing, I need to board the airport bus to our destination. So I just wear my pull-over and cap – and I am ready. =)


Xi-An here I come… =D

Jo in USA

25 07 2008

Jo should be in USA by today….

Initially have planned to go to USA, San Francisco, in early Aug after my exams.. to attend the wedding of my cousin, Widodo, and his fiance, Fany. And later, with Jo, go to Grand Canyon, LA, Yosemite, Anaheim (Disneyland) and finally follow Jo to Oregon.. But have to abandon the plan when $$ is not enough…

Jo still go ahead with the plan.. road trip with her colleague (who will be going with her) and finally to Oregon to visit her friends/colleagues.. Hopefully she will be able to go for the hot air ballon, disneyland, Grand Canyon… Happy her!! =)

But….. juskawaime is still in Singapore …. *sobz*…. preparing for exams…. lagi *sobs* >.<“”

But well… anyway… i have suggested to her to bring a teddy bear.. and take photos of those places with the teddy bear… hahaa so it is as if I am the teddy bear… going for those places… accompanying her too… heheee

Ok this will do for now…

Next time i will show ‘my’ photo trip to USA when Jo came back.

Jkt here i come!

10 06 2008

Going to Jakarta tomorrow night.

Will be there for a weekend..

To attend a frien’s wedding on sat, at the same time, visit relatives.. =)

Will update more when I am back..

Tata… =D

BKK Trip

4 05 2008

Bangkok trip

Jo and Jo..

Supposedly with Jo’s 2 colleagues.. but something cropped up last minutes ( the day before they are flying)… that they are unable to travel…

So that left us 3 ladies with 2 rooms.. but we sticked to our previous arrangement, 3 of us squeezed into a room.. and left one room empty.. coz none of us wanna sleep alone!! Hoohoohoo….

Happy us at BKK

Will post the BKK trip in various entries.. =)

Useful Thai language

3 05 2008

Learning useful Thai Language for bargaining and shopping

This is what I survived on … these few days… managed to get some good deals and create some laughter….

Initially… I printed out some useful tips on Thai numerical values in this Learning_Thai website..

Cardinal Numbers

0 = suun

1 = neung

2 = sorng

3 = sahm

4 = sii

5 = hah

6 = hok

7 = jet

8 = paed

9 = kao

10 = sip

11 = sip-et

12 = sip-sorng

20 = yii-sip

30 = sahm-sip

100 = neung-roy

120 = neung-roy yii-sip

150 = neung-roy hah-sip

180 = neung-roy paed-sip

199 = neung-roy kao-sip kao / roy kao kao

200 = sorng roy

250 = sorng-roy hah-sip

300 = sahm-roy


1000 = neung-phan

Useful Phrase

Hello- “Sawadeeka” (Sawadeekrap)

How much? – “Tou lai?”

Oh.. it is expensive – “Peng”

Not expensive – “Mai Peng”

Cannot – “Mei Dai”

Can – “Dai”

Can cheaper? – “Ro Mai Dai?”

Thank you – “Kop kun ka”

Ahem… I think I looked like a local Thai person.. coz whenever I said, “Tou Lai?” (How much?) They will look at me and answer me with Thai …. In my first 2 trips, I will always like to use Thai to ask them how much instead of English.. coz normally they will give a cheaper price if they think ur also local… local rate i will say.. But most of the time… I cannot comprehend or catch the cost or number or value they said.. so I will ask Jo to ask them again.. this time in English!! hahaa malu… so my main intention is in vain… =p Well slowly slowy u wll get used to it..

Normally the conversation between Shop Assistant (SA) and juskwaime (I) will be like this:

I (pointing/holding the stuff): “Tou lai?” (How much?)

SA: “roy kao kao” (199, for example)

I: “Peng!” (expensive!)

SA: “Mai Peng!” (Not expensive!)

I: “Ro dai mai?” (can cheaper) or “Discount?”

SA: “neung-roy paed-sip” (180)

I: “neung-roy” (100, counter offer)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)

I: “ok lar.. neung-roy yii-sip” (120, another counter offer)

SA: “Mei dai!” (cannot!)

I: “Dai!” (can! or Can lar!!)


…… (the ‘fight’ continues)

See who win the arguments lor.. *wink*

Hope this helps =)


2 05 2008

Came across quite a number of interesting T-Shirt shops at Bangkok (BKK), JatuJak Weekend Market (Jatujak pronounced as “Chatuchat”)

One is the couple T shirt….  another one is this TKO – MIME

This shop is found in Jatujak Market Section 5 Lock 129 (Front of section5 opposite Section 12) and run by Sila Nimkittikul ( TK ) and Lawan Ekuru ( O ). Both of them set up a company called TKO… Friendly and sweet people…. TK is the artist of all designs of MIME .. the cartoon character..  Nicee…

O, happy customer and TK (extracted from their website)

O, happy customer and TK

One their T-shirt designed (Extracted from website)

T-shirt designed by TK

Cost-wise not so cheap (compared to others), but hey… the design is unique and some are hand-drawn/coloured … Tshirt is also of good quality… So it is still worth it.. Josephine bought quite a few.. while Joanne attacked the next next door’s bag shop – She bought 5 bags from there!! Self-Embroidery bags. Do check it out too if you are there..

Check out TKO cool stuffs in their website! =)

Happy us at their JatuJak shop

TK and us at TKO shop


29 04 2008

Sa wa dee ka!

That is greeting in Thai language..

But this is normally used/said by ladies…. for guys, all need to end with “krap” so it was “Sa wa dee krap”

Something like “Konichiwa” in Japanese or “ni hao” in Chinese or “Hi/Hello” in English or “Guten Tag” in German.. See more here

“Yes.. we r in BKK!! Yuhuu!!” (1st Pic) “Sawadeeka” with McDonald Uncle (2nd Pic)

Yes .. I am in BKK! SawaDEEka