6 07 2008

5th July 2008

Oh.. after submitting my assignment, met up with my cousin Yvonne for lunch…. lots of blunder things happened… blurness bug or tiredness bug .. I dunno..

firstly i mistaken the Cathay that Yvonne was referring with the Cathay Cineleisure..  Think my mind was not really working after rushing that assignment and not sleeping the night before..

2nd blunder.. after knowing the mistake, i rushed to The Cathay.. thought can sit down and have my lunch.. but unable to find Yvonne.. so called her.. In the end, she just finished the lunch with her housemates and was leaving coz she thought I will not be coming….

3rd blunder.. I took a bus at the bus stop in front of Hereen to The Cathay.. I have checked the route of  the buses that have lesser waiting period.. they should go to Dhobby Ghaut..  So when first bus came, I just broaded the bus.. didn’t even see the bus no. After tapping my EZLink card, I overheard some passengers asking if goin to Dhobby Ghaut… the bus driver said no.. I was like “HUH!” So i ‘fought’ my way to the bus driver and re-confirm. Yes I broad the wrong bus, so i waste 45 cents, and alighted at that very bus-stop

4th blunder… I took the right bus, but didn’t alight at bus stop opposite Dhobby Ghaut MRT.. I thought there should be one nearer The Cathay. After alighting, I saw my own reflection on the glass window… and noticed something ‘white’ on my bermudas.. I thought perhaps some stickers… To my horror, then I realized … ‘Oh Gosh!!! I have worn my pant the wrong side!! The white ‘sticker’ is the logo tag …  It must be a rush or tiredness or blurness of me… not to notice I wear my pant inside out!! I chuckled.. and realize this is the kind of ‘blunder’ that will make me smile whenever I thought about it …

Sometimes the not-perfect life can be of sweet memories too..