Best Travel Cameras

10 05 2009

Not sure if I share this before.. But wanna share again if I did. Saw abt this link from Jessica’s blog.

Ever thought how the photos you captured never justify the beautiful scenaries in front of you.. Not even 50%! That is sad.. Especially since the trip maybe is once in a lifetime opportunity. We need to live the present, right! I felt sad when my crap camera gave me blur photos, dark pictures…etc When it’s come to travelling, it is important to select the right camera to bring. And yes, you can still travel light to capture great photos!

juskawaime is camera-idiot.. Nope I dun have a SLR, neither I know how to operate one. Personally I prefer those compact and idiot-proof cameras, as long as it can take beautiful and clear pictures at day time and even night time. Better if it has stabilizer, image detection, detect fast …etc Of course, cost, usage and weight plays a part in which camera I buy.

I am not good with all these technical terms, but thanx to great people out there for sharing what they know to you. Check here for an overview of Camera Styles. And if you are looking for the best camera for your travel and outdoor photography, you may also refer to this table. This comprehensive table listed generally from the best image quality to the most compact camera.

It also listed the advantages, disadvantages and recommended upgrades to improve thoese disadvantages, the weight, size, megapizel, shutter lag, image quality (ISO), Lens wide, Zoom range …, Macro, LCD size and dots, Battery Life, sensor size, memory card….etc

All brought to you by photographer, Tom Dempsey