The Living Courthouse

30 03 2009

Visited the Supreme Court – The Living Courthouse with Joanne, Esther and Linda on 14th March 2009

Packed with many people, first time visiting the Supreme court, very big place with 8 storeys, saw a colleague,  Eugene, there too, went around to get answers to get stamps for shoe bag souveniers..

Understand also some of stereotype topics like do judges or lawyers wear wigs, do judges use gauge to keep order, How you call judge in court…


Had enjoyed myself on this day..

juskawaime had a day in Court

juskawaime had a day in Court

Thanx to Linda for forwarding this invitation to us.. and this also fit Jo’s plan about knowing Singapore better.. What other better way of knowing our Legal system than this? And it is free somemore! *Woohooo*

 Queue was long, but was orderly and fast.. we were lucky we didn’t listen to people’s saying that it will be too crowded to go.. otherwise, we would have miss all these!

Group pic at Court House

Group pic at Court House

 We didn’t able to see the criminal enactment – “Who pushed Humpty?” though… as it was long queue and not moving! I was curious who is the culprit! Who Dunnit! And my answer was shown below, pointing at the most prime suspect – the big bad wolf! Well all evidence was againts him!



And you know who is the culprit eventually?

I asked Eugene… and got the most unexpected answer…

The story is ….

Humpty was sleepy… so sleepy that he…. fell off the wall and resulted himself in concussion.