Crystabelle has its own website

8 05 2009

Yes, Crystabelle KTV has its personal website! You can view their info, place, contacts, drink prices, packages, room type, special promotion, customer review… etc

They have recently (not very recent also, but think it was end of year2008? My last visit was celebrating Jo’s BD in 4th Jan 2009) renovated their ktv lounge. Gone were the cartoon themes rooms… But welcome are the colours themes rooms! =)

 Been there before and after renovation. Before was good (shared in here), but after renovation is also good. Cleaner and the ambience is coolz & hip .. we all like it! Most imptly is the reasonable (cheap!!) cost! =) If I am not wrong, they increase the rate by S$1/- only after renovation. *disclaimer*

Oh how do I came across their website? Coz they seemed to include my previous post in their customer review…. I dun really mind coz I really enjoy singing there during we were all aching for singing!! Uncle was nice, auntie a bit fierce though.. We all shall go there again … soon…

Crystabelle KTV

5 05 2008

1st May 2008

Yes .. it was Labour’s Day.. but also the time for us girls to practise our singing at Crystabelle KTV Lounge. It is located at No.3, Teo Hong Road. Alight at Outram MRT, exit at exit H, turn right and you will see it.. located at one side…

It is juskawaime‘s first time there and our impression of their service, song-selection, place and price-package are quite good… U can try it.. Call 62247466

What I was delighted to see are the different themes of the rooms.. And our room happened to be the “SUPER HEROS” theme!! haahaa Yes.. we have Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, The Flash,  Batman… interesting huh? =)

Other rooms are the cartoons characters, dragonball…etc But I think our room is the best! =D

Full attendance of 2S2C JC girls (except for Eelynn, Huihua and Frances)

girls pic