Hi Pinti

27 03 2009

Sometimes you create an impression onto someone even if you dun really know them well..

I am happy I did.

Be it notorious.. hahaaa

I bumped into a 2 yrs junior in Novena Square or is it Velocity last Sunday. Her bf opens a shop there, and yes.. as we are in that shop trying to get something for Senorita’s birthday.. I didn’t recognize her then.. frankly speaking I dun even remembered her then… *opppzz*  >.<

Yes, I prob some idiotic spastic cold heck-care senior who dun care or dun want to know or dun remember who are my juniors in Tennis.. I only remember some names and faces.. Orrhh perhaps I just had SSTM (Short Selective Term Memory) … Sorry Pinti… pls forgive me..

Anyway as we are asking Pinti abt the usage of the Yoga matts, I was about to walk away when she suddenly said my name!

Errr… *eyes big big, head sideway, blur look*

 “You know me?!”

She explained that I look familiar and happened that I was also wearing a Cedar T-shirt that day.. So she acknowledge that I am Wati!

hahaaa … such good memory.. she still remembered me!! *beams*

But then, she added, “I still remember what your thunder bolt thigh .. *didn’t really catch this part* … and I remembered you are very ‘er xing’ (gross)!!!”


double diaoozzz

I was remembered as the very ‘er xing’ tennis senior!! hahaaa it is so hilarious.. I dunno if I should feel sad or happy … But being the ‘optimistic’ me, I decided I should be happy that my junior remembered me!! *beamz*

Anyway Pinti asked my frend if I am still as ‘er xing’ as in secondary school. I said “No!”

Jo nodded her head.

Deep-sixed said, “She has multiplied her ‘er xing’ over the years!!”

Gossshhh…. I am innocent…. where gootttt!!!!

Thanx for saying Hello to me, Pinti =) And I am indeed happy to see you again!! =D

This post is dedicated for you. Hope all is well with you. And thanx for your discount! *wink*

Me + Pinti

Me + Pinti

Another tempt

1 03 2009

Another interesting foto articulating in Facebook..

Well.. juskawaime is never a musician or muscle person or artist …

Perhaps juskawaime falls under theese catergories:

  • Photographer… I am always snapping fotos using my phone cameras .. at friends, food, places, stuffs… yes.. anything.. anytime.. anywhere…
  • Sports person.. well I was school representative in Tennis and Track & Field.. Dun play play… =p
  • Violence person.. Yes I like to hit people .. huaahhaahaa and I pinch pple till blue-black..  -__-“”
  • Avid TV or drama addicter … I am glued to my TV, and it can go on for hrs & days.. >.<
  • Sleeping Pig… I love to sleep and I sleep within a song almost every night when I lie on my bed… and 7 alarm clocks cannot wake me up in morning!!! ZZZZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZzzzzz
Various lifestyle characters

Various lifestyle characters

I am tempted

28 02 2009

juskawaime was tempted to tag friends to each profile characters in the photo below…. but in deep down, perhaps, I dun have so many different personalities of friends that fit all these characters…

Or I was afraid that I may get bashed or scorned by them for tagging them into those bewildered characters… hahaaa

Let me ponder more and scan through my facebook friends to identify who is who…

juskawaime may fall under these categories:

  • The one who always swears .. Yeah #$%^&*(*@#$%^ Oppps =p
  • The Grumphy one *Hmmpphhh*
  • The one with bad memory… yes.. STM (Short Term Memory or Selective-Term Memory)
  • The Drama Queen >.<
  • The Funny guy *Hoohhoooo*

How abt you??

Various personalities characters

Various personalities characters

Dinner with girls

8 08 2008

Having dinner with my girls (upper secondary classmates) at PS Cafe..

Maybe have heard of PS Cafe.. but very vague impression.. heard like quite ‘atas’ or expensive… perhaps from some blog (maybe.. not really sure… who cares..) .. plus never really been to Dempsey Road/Hill… (ok I am ‘suaku’ or ‘mountain tortoise’)..

Got a pick up by Yiwan aka Onebowl from Newton MRT…. *GREAT* Coz that place is indeed quite unaccessible.. (Not near MRT is not accessible in my Singapore Context, ok!?! ).. And we were so lucky that we got a free carpark slot, just in front of PS Cafe! *Double Yeah*

Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill

It is quite an ‘enclosed’ place… quite nice setting…

Once we are seated, Onebowl said: “I am hungry.. lets order some appetizers first” (while waiting for the rest of the girls to come)

“What!? $16 bread!! Shall we order $10 fries?? Otherwise we have to order the $16 bread!”

Yes.. $10 fried fries.. won… we really do not want to spend $16 on bread appetizer.. (bread that is made of gold is it??)

So this is indeed an ‘atas’ and expensive place… -_-”

Eventually the rest of the girls came… just as the fries arrived on the table..

As usual, I started taking picture of food.. but was rudely and shockingly interrupt by a warning from the waitress “Sorry no taking picture of the food!”


Yes… DAMN it!

what kind of rules?? not able to take pic of the food.. but I still go ahead and take this foto … *whuuaahaaa*.. Yes I am a Bxxxx!! huaahaaa

S$10+ Fries

S$10+ Fries

Onebowl politely let me know that perhaps this is an ‘atas’ place.. so cannot take photo?!?! *Helllooo is it so?*

Ok lor.. I am never an ‘atas’ person.. I am the ‘suaku’, ‘kampung’ person..

But really to me, not being able to take photo of the food.. really irritated me.. really upset me .. coz I love taking photos of anything.. anywhere…

Suddenly I just felt that this is not going to be my fav place.. but lets not let this dampened my mood tonight.. anyway I took of the food anyway… Huaahaaahhaaa

We ordered 4 main dishes for the 6 of us to share.. Dun ask me what we order.. coz I was not sure either.. Think we had Duck pizza, some meat stuffs with potato, some lobster/seafood with potato mash, and … can’t remember.. This is what happened when I cannot take photos of each dish..

Dinner at PS Cafe

Dinner at PS Cafe

Dishes are decorated quite nicely, food .. ok… the girls like the duck pizza.. (it run out about 8pm)

Before food arrives, I tried taking pic of the table paper.. they have 2 designs .. just like their chair.. Again, suddenly I was alarmed when another waitress said, “No taking photos!”


Yes.. DAMN it again!!

Ok lar.. basically cannot take their individual food, utensils, place… *God knows why* blehhh *roll eyes*

So we started to play their rules… Ok lets have foto with food and people! It worked! So I took individual photo of the foods we have and us.. (to be updated later, coz photos are with LihChin) Updated!

We finished food and proceed to the Lounge area (it seems that there are 2 sessions for food place – one at 6pm, and next at 8pm..). In the lounge area, we continued with our drinks, cakes and chit-chat..

Having desserts at PS Lounge Area

Having desserts at PS Lounge Area

Verdict of PS Cafe: Desserts is quite ok lar.. drinks r normal… food is quite ok … considering the high cost and ‘cannot take photo’ – I will not really wanting to go there.. not my fav or best place.. Yes call me bias..  petty…. but this place did not scored/struck well with me from the beginning.. Oh btw, we paid for abt $38.50/person for 6 of us: 4main dishes, 6 drinks and 2 cakes

We had small attendance for a class gathering tonight.. but still was quite comfy with this size as well.. Sometimes if group is too big, it is quite difficult to catch up with everyone also.. size of 6 seems nice.. =)

I posed some scenarios questions to my girls.. got some feedbacks, comments… Shall ponder on them… *hmmm*

Glad that the girls are looking good.. =)

Yes, we shared problems we faced… “every house there are different/same set of problems”

But.. we will face it.. we will work it out… we will find solution…..etc etc

Really have to thanx Sabrina for organizing.. it is really not a nice & easy role for being an organizing.. And we also have LihChin back to Sg for a visit..

And of course, at the end of the night, we ended up with some ‘$10k’ joking statements and I ‘demanded’ the same kind of  purse that Onebowl is having.. Nice compartments… roomy..

Onebowl is very good with art&craft.. has been picking up and doing them… and she is also selling in etsy, check out her products here. So far, she has sold 57 items online and has 63 100% positive feedbacks since Nov 2007…. Quite Impressive achievements for someone who is not-really-for-profit and doing them on free-time and for interest.. Do check it out! =) Her next target is making and designing clothes.. with details.. Nice.. Jia you lor! =)

This is a similar version of Onebowl’s purse – ‘the clutch purse with many compartments’ available for sale at etsy here. Check this out!

Onebowl's Rocking Horse Clutch Purse with many compartments


Onebowl took our addresses, so I guess i will having pressie soon!! hahaa… and Of coz we will get our products/pouches/wallets for free.. And if we want, we can sent a cheque to her or donate to the ‘OneBowl Trust Fund’!! *wink* =p

Nigel + Eelynn

26 07 2008

28th June 2008

Meeting up with Eelynn, hubby and son, Nigel, when they came back to Sg for visit. First time meeting Nigel , the first baby of our JC girls’ group..

Nigel Tse

Nigel Tse

Such adorable Nigel… It all started with this..

Wedding of Eelynn & Simon

Wedding of Eelynn & Simon

I was looking at my foto album… checked that the wedding dinner of Eelynn and Simon was held on 27th December 2004 at Pan Pacific Hotel, Singapore. Nice food served…

Then soon after, both of them moved over to Hong Kong.. and soon after we heard good news that Eelynn was pregnant… *Wohooo* Esther went to HK for holiday in early Sept 2007 when Eelynn was about to give birth. She took a photo of them together… I remembered I was commenting that Eelynn.. is so fat! haha ..maybe that is why she didn’t send us her latest fotos..hahaa … Opps…Later she will *bish* me.. =p”

Esther with pregnant Eelynn

Esther with pregnant Eelynn

And soon… baby has arrived – NIGEL Tse



And I really appreciate of Eelynn to share the progress of NIGEL by sending us emails/fotos… Nigel is getting more and more like Eelynn… Chubby cheek!! =D









And finally, we got to see Nigel face-to-face….coz they were coming to Sg for a visit.. *Wootz* Guess we were all very excited and looking-forward… We met at FRIENDS @ Serangoon Garden Village. And of course, when we met this adorable 8mth ‘god-son’ of ours… everyone’s camera kept on clicking!! hohooohoo

Panels of paparazzi at Friends @ Serangoon Garden Village aka Friends @ Chomp Chomp

panel of paparazzi

panel of paparazzi

We bought toys for him … hopefully he will like it.. and he also performed amazing ‘tricks’ … which amused everyone… haha =p

Nigel and his toys

Nigel and his toys

And clever me has placed the baby seat next beside me so I can have the best view to hug and take foto with him… And also can kiss him anytime… *WeeeEEeeee*

Kiss pose

Kiss pose

I love the foto below… best one!! =)

juskawaime & Nigel

juskawaime & Nigel

After being kissed so much from the jiejie aunties (ok lar.. I kissed him the most.. =p Or maybe I am the only on who kept on kissing him…) , Eelynn said to Nigel, “Aihyoo, poor Nigel.. Later mama go home and wash ur face with dettol to kill the germs ya… if not.. later will have pimples!!”


Well I dunn care… At least I kissed him already… hohooohoo.. that is all that matters..

Ok till next time we meet – be it in Sg or HK… or maybe in Sydney…?? =)

Nigel Eelynn Simon

Short catch up

25 07 2008

20th July 2008

Alicia is back in town.. and we met up for a short while.. We had early dinner at Ding Tai Fung, Paragon Centre. Not bad the foodie..  the dumplings… and we also tried yam dumpling for desserts.. Nice… *yummy*

Dinner gathering at Ding Tai Fung

Dinner gathering at Ding Tai Fung

And of course, later on, we went for shopping spree… and of coz, she ‘attacked’ those shoes shops… hahaa  Trully, shoes in Singapore are much more cheaper and have more variety in designs… Think she bought 3-4 shoes?? heheee
Happy Alicia with her shopping accomplishments.. She also bought dresses .. simple, casual and elegant…  Niceeee….. (that was in the paper bag below..)  She was also trying out the shoes below.. Very nice, she loved it and so.. she bought it too…
Alicia and her shoe accomplishments

Alicia and her shoe accomplishments